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Write Fair Attendance Policy for your Workplace

Are you managing your company with a Fair Attendance Policy?

Keeping a fair attendance policy will give more benefits than you think to everyone in the workplace. If you’re dealing with even a hint of chaos when managing your staff, maybe you need to check up on your attendance policy. The key source that influences performance and behavior of an employee is not actually money, it’s peers. Try to adjust the method that is fairest to all employees working for your business in a flexible and sensible way. Fairness doesn’t mean that you give everyone the same, equal benefit. You need to focus on the equity. Find out what each and everyone of your staffs needs.


Do you know the Proper Attendance Definition?

Absence: Employee lets employer know days or weeks in advance

Unscheduled Absence: Employee lets employer know an hour(s) before the absences, usually because of unexpected or emergency issues.

Sick Days: absent because an employee was will or has a doctor’s note

Tardiness: showing up a few minutes late, considered as lazy

No Show: no attending to work without any notice


How do I make the Attendance Policy Fairer?

Ask Questions to Yourself to see if Change is Necessary

Is your attendance policy effective for every single one of them? Are you aware of each and everyone or at least team’s overall situation? (Situation meaning, do they have kids or seniors to look after? Are they part-time workers who are students coming straight after class?) Does the attendance policy have positive effect to your business? If not, you may need to apply more flexible and sensible method to the attendance policy.


Constantly Observe the Situation and Communicate with your Staffs.

Find out what you need to change. Keep an eye on how your employees have been responding to your current attendance policy. Try to talk to each one of them (Check out how important it is to constantly talk to your employees). If that’s not so easy for you, at least talk to your administrator and they should’ve already chat with them and have results reported for the boss. This method can help you filter lax employees with ongoing issues from the employees who had fair reasons other than laziness. Figure out the scenarios and create the right method to apply to related situations.


Set Scales according to the information you got.

Set proper scale for what circumstances counts as what.

For example,

  • Tardiness: Being late to work over 15 minutes
  • No-Show: Not showing up without telling within 3 hours
  • Absent: 3 times of tardiness counts as absent (unless dramatic situation hits in)



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