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How Albam Time Clock saves you Money and Time

Albam provides you the best employee time tracker available

Here are the reasons.

Why is Albam Time Clock needed? Because it saves time and money.

How are you managing your employees’ timesheets? How do they clock in and out? What kind of employee time tracker or time clock are you currently using? Are the methods accurate enough? Can you trust that your employees are honest when reporting their attendance? How do you keep an eye on them?


Many companies have been using different methods including the old-school styles like the attendance records written on a sheet of paper, orally deliver their entrances and exits for work and breaks. Lately clock card machine; also known as punch clock or time recorder, and fingerprint recognizing machines were most commonly used.


But, are you satisfied with the functions? How efficient is it to turn the data into reports that sorts out problems and make business decisions? Do those methods take you to another level to automatically calculate Payroll? I guess not. I bet you would’ve been managing them manually one by one, doing all the extra work you didn’t have to go through.


Albam can save you from manually doing all the tricky time clock records and salary calculations. Refer to the chart below to see ‘em all.

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As you can see from the table above, Albam payroll automator outnumbers benefits the old styles have.



1. It saves you money – Free device, Beacon is provided.

Compared to the time card machines and fingerprint recognizing machine, it won’t cost you anything to buy the Albam device, Beacon, as well as the mobile app. When the card machines require to buy cards, Albam won’t charge you anything. Plus, to be environment-friendly, it saves paper ;). However, depending on the level of functions you need, you may want to pay a few amount to manage your workplace with more convenience. Find out what the services Albam provides.


2. It saves you time. – Real Time Check in the palm of your hand.

Albam, the employee time tracker keeps records of your employees and allows to watch over every now and then. It saves you a lot of time from compared to the other two machines. With clock card machines, you would have to collect all the paper, type every single data including, dates, time, hours and minutes into a form, then calculate the hourly wage. Fingerprint detectors might make it a bit easier than the clock card machines, however, it won’t allow you to check the data as often as Albam. Since Albam a time clock app you can carry in the palm your hand, you can check the latest updates instead of having to download them.


3. Data Security Assured. – Albam saves attendance records.

All the records of data with the time tracker is being saved in Albam. If you compare to the old style time card machines, Albam is much more reliable and safer. You don’t have to worry about taking risks of losing your hard copies of attendance records or getting the cards damaged, or getting them mixed up in the wrong order.


4. Reduces fraud.

The risk of having employees fake their attendace is very high when using the punch clock machine and the fingerprint recognizer. Other employees can simply take the ones who are not at the workplace to clock in for them. They can just find the cards out and punch in the time for them. It’s same with fingerprint machines. One person has ten fingers to register for others and it’s very easy to fake time clock. Albam time tracker prevents all of those risks. It only allows staffs to clock in and out within the boundary where the time tracker device, Beacon, is placed. What if another employee logs in with the late or absent one and help them fake the time tracker? No need to worry! It will send the administrator a notification saying that the employee clocked in with a different mobile phone.


5. Accuracy.

Albam reduces the rate of making human mistakes in calculating time by hours and minutes into different hourly and monthly wages. It helps you count up all the numbers of time clock and make your payroll results come out much faster. Since you can keep track of employees attendance with real time notifications, you can directly watch over what’s happening. When things don’t look right, you can immediately let them fix it. Therefore, the correct data being stored will be more accurate in the end.


Do not hesitate to introduce yourself into a more innovative and convenient tool to manage your employees’ timesheet and payroll.


Save Time with Albam Time Tracker and Payroll Automator.

Level up your HR managing Skills with Albam the Time Clock Software.


The Albam for Admin Android app and iOS app is now available for free. This isn’t a trial. Your free access to Albam Time & Attendance never expires.

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