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What OTR, the Timecard converter, can change



OTR is a simple app with a simple function. It converts uploaded paper timecard images into Excel files for more effective workflow of its users. However, for paper time punch card users, this function of OTR can change, with a little exaggeration, their whole worlds.





The total amount of time spent in organizing and creating digital files of paper timecards can change. The more the timecards, the bigger the change.

The workflow of the users can change. As the digital files of employees’ attendance records are already made by OTR, the users can skip to calculation and management of records and pays straight away. Smoother process of work, without anything to interrupt the flow, is possible.

The amount of stress can change. Let’s think it simple. Calculating the pays of employees is already quite tiring, but if you are converting the paper timecards into Excel files as well, the stress is inevitable. OTR takes the latter part of work away and this should cause less stress.



What OTR can change might differ by people. Even so, it is undeniable that this app is helpful to many paper timecard users.


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