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What OTR provides to its users



OTR(Optical Timecard Recognition) is a simple app with a simple function. Not many things can be provided by this simple app it seems, but you never know what’s inside until you open the box.



OTR is an app that you can download freely in Google Play. Images of timecards can be uploaded in slots within the app, and these are also provided freely. 5 slots are given first, and when these are all used, this paper timecard converter smartly shows the notification on how to open more slots without any costs

Through the function of itself, OTR provides extra help and support in its users’ work. This can result in providing additional time by saving it or energy by taking the burden off.

paper time card


OTR supports a channel for feedback and communication. Sending the opinions about the app is always open to every user. Either good or bad, any kind of opinion can always direct a better way for development.

Enjoying these things that our app provides is not hard as they are not hidden. They are available for everyone. As long as you have an android smartphone in your hand, you can always install OTR. 


Download now in Google Play and Upload timecard, Convert within 24 hours, Download Excel!

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