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Tracking Time is Essential for all Employer and Salaried Employees

Time Tracking is Essential for All

Yes, not only for Employers, but even for Employees


Let’s be honest, most people are usually busy trying to take their own benefit than to offer it to others. Both the bosses and the workers need to have a system that makes the relationship fair.

Employees usually consider time tracking is beneficial only to employers. They would often go, ‘urgh…’ and roll their eyes to more thorough time clock systems. Many staffs have the negative idea of tracking time, which it’s only beneficial to the boss to keep an extra eye.

Yes, it is. It saves money and time for the employer, (click here for details).  But it’s not only helpful for them.

But here is what.

Haven’t you ever worked overtime and some of the others didn’t? Even worse, what if there were no way to prove that you’ve worked? What about when somebody is always late and gets around without the employer knowing the fact? Isn’t that unfair? A great manager won’t make you burn out or want to pay you unfairly.

Time tracking is a method that makes it fairer to everyone.

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Both the employers and employees can keep in track of the hours worked as a record. If the record isn’t quite right, they can fix any errors together. The boss will be aware of how much each employee has worked and watch whether they’ve kept the promise. The workers will also keep track of their records to see whether the right amount of money has come through.

If you’re being paid, be aware, most employers will want you to work more than you promised. Then it’s now your responsibility to take what you’ve earned.

A Forbes article, Five Ways Salaried Employees Get Ripped Off by Liz Ryan, describes thoroughly how salaried employees get disavatage. It talks about you scheduling everything fit to work priorities. How you can’t really leave work even though time clock says you’re work hour is over. For example, answering international business phone calls at early in the morning at 3:00 am. And sometimes you can’t go on a holiday without thinking and getting stressed over work piling up on your desk when you return.

So why don’t you choose to track time of your work hours. It’s not only a way for your boss to watch over you. You need the right to report the hours and efforts you spent to work for them.

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