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Why do we offer a free lifetime Time Attendance Solution?

Time attendance – Your pain point is our pain point.

No more pain points with Albam’s Time Attendance Solution


Before our CEO Jinyong Kim started Albam. The founder of Blue-Night Corporation had his idea of a perfect Time Attendance solution developed when he was managing a pub for himself a few years ago. As a business owner himself. Our founder understands the trouble and time that is needed to solve the different types of pain points that are faced by business owners. From not being able to check attendances remotely, missing attendances information due to manual inputs and a tons of other pain points. This have all led to redundancies and inefficiencies. Our founder, Jinyong Kim realized that rather than doing things which would have helped him develop his business, he has been spending a lot of time on administration. This is where his lightbulb moment came to light.

Our CEO Jinyong Kim in Web Summit 2018 Pitch Stage @Lisbon, Portugal


During his time as a pub owner. Jinyong Kim is determined to develop a Time attendance solution to solve troublesome staff time management and salary calculation that he himself faces. Using his past experience as a researcher in Samsung Electronics. He developed a program, one that would eventually be the basic foundation for Albam App. The simple program developed by Jinyong Kim has now evolved into more than just staff’s commute records and work schedule management. It can even automatically calculate payroll at once which includes insurance, vacation allowance and various tax calculation.



Why should i download a free Time Attendance App?

Albam’s Free Time Attendance Solution


Increase of minimum wage

The ever increasing minimum wage rate increase that happened in 18 states at the United States itself this year is a hit at SMBs. For many small businesses that employ 2-3 employees. They will take a direct impact on margins and cash flows from the increase in minimum wage requirements. This will make companies rethink on ways to save costs. Especially for small companies which have a low profit margin.


The enactment of mandatory enrollment time record

In addition, various governments all around the world is now reviewing the enactment of the mandatory enrollment time record. Much developed countries like Japan and South Korea for example, has made it necessary for employers to record the time attendance for their staffs.  With South Korea for example that has recently limited its working week to only 52 hours in an attempt to stop overwork. The new rule will be in place by 2020. With fines of up to $17,815 and prison for up to 2 years for those who broke the rules. In other parts of the world, United States for example. The U.S Equal Employment Opportunity commission has stated that employers in the United States are required to keep all personnel or employment records for one year.


Legal and Safety measures

As the welfare of Labors are becoming an increasingly huge trending issue that garners the attention of mankind. More limitations on working hours and other new HR policies are expected to be put in place. With this importance in mind, storing digital attendance records are no longer but an option. But It is seen as a compulsory, that will give your company a necessary safety measure and edge in the case of an inspection from the National employment rights authority, fine or a lawsuit that might occur in the future.



A free Time Attendance/ Shift management App for everyone 

This is why to relieve burdens on the management of small business owners. Albam has provided a free Time Attendance/ Shift management App for everyone, starting from February of 2018. Albam’s free Time Attendance recorder is available for a life time. With cutting edge features that are tailored for the needs of SMBs, from Time Attendance Management to customizable work schedules. The solution even came in with an optional Albam device that is provided for free* (Shipping costs excluded) for Albam’s users.

An illustration of our free optional Albam Device – Albam’s Time Attendance Solution


Albam’s US patented service gives a unique proposition in the market that differentiates it apart from other HR SaaS providers in the market that uses GPS based location for attendance solutions which are prone to location manipulation & buddy punching. Its unique system prohibits users from checking in & out of their working place from outside the workplace proximity with the help of the complementary Albam device, thereby preventing fake attendance checks and ensuring unparalleled accuracy for its users. The solution is empowered by sophistically made algorithms that enable real-time Attendance and Staffing management simple for everyone.

Albam’s Time Attendance Solution

Of course, in addition to the free commute recorder that is provided free of charge. Albam also provides its Time Attendance Plus service. The Plus service came in with multiple groundbreaking features. One that allows Admins to add more administrator with each specific privileges, downloading Excel directly into the computer and a PC web manager. To learn more about full features, click here.


Albam’s offering came in 2 versions of Apps that are available both for IOS & Android, one for HR Managers and the other one for Staffs. With the manager app, business owners & HR personnels are able to assign employees’ working hours, set schedules, view overall employees’ working statistics from lateness, number of check-in times and overtime information. Albam also facilitates the creation of multiple stores for corporates that have many branches. Each controlled by administrators that hold different levels of authority as per assigned by the owner/HR manager of the company. On the other version; the Staff App allows employees to clock in and clock out directly from their cell phone. View their work info, records and even request to amend them with permission from their manager.

Albam’s Time Attendance Solution

About Albam

Albam is an all in one Human Resource solution system that allows you to manage every aspect of your staffing needs. From attendance to automated payroll. Backed by cutting-edge cloud computing system, clock in anywhere and anytime to access, personalize and download your data.

Join more than 40,000 corporates that have trusted Albam in more than 20 countries worldwide now. Time attendance & Payroll management has never been this easier.

The Albam for Admin Android app and iOS app is now available for free. This isn’t a trial. Your free access to Albam Time & Attendance never expires.

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