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The types of timecard that can be handled by OTR



Whether it’s a daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly timecard, be assured that nothing will change. Our smart OTR recognizes all sorts of paper timecards, and would convert them to digitalized file in Excel. In addition, with the help our typists, no matter how much data is written in the paper time punch cards, OTR would ensure that not even a single character would be out of place.




We also understand that there are many variables within a timecard. From calculation of overtime hours, lunch breaks to payment. As long as the information are inside the paper, then be assured that it will all be converted as well. Last but not the least, please make sure that the data in your timecard follows the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). As any violations in the data are not our responsibility.


As long as your data can be read by OTR, then we would also be able to help process that for you. However please take note that files that are not written in English would not be processed.

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