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Understanding the different types of Timesheet

What is a Timesheet?



A simple thing but very important to companies. A timesheet helps you track the record of the amount of time an employee has spent at the office (time & attendance). It usually comes in the forms of a simple table that both employers and employee can use to keep track of the number of hours worked. Be it on their job, project, or working for a specific task. In the past, this information is recorded on paper. But with the advancement of technology, it is now a norm for a timesheet to be digitalized and stored directly on cloud services.

With easy time sheets. Not only will your company be able to reduce costs, you will also be able to increase your employees’ time and attendance work records visibility and stay on budget.



What should be in your Timesheet Template?

A good timesheet template should have a space for employee name, ID number & position. In addition, it must also contain a table with a row for all of the days in the week, and columns for the date, start time, end time, the number of hours worked & overtime hours. Only with these columns, will time and attendance be accurately measured. Last but not the last, it should also contain an area where both the employee & supervisor can sign. To move on further, let’s take a look at some of the different types of timesheet that are available.



The different types of Timesheet for Time & Attendance

Weekly Timesheet Template.


Weekly Time sheet

A weekly timesheet will usually contain a column for 7 days in a week. Input in your employees’ clock in & clock out times. To complete the tasks, add a simple formula and the automatic calculations will pop out.



Bi-weekly calculated timesheet

If you are paying your employees bi-weekly, then this is the kind of template that you must use. This timesheet will help you count both of your employees’ working time and salaries per 2 weeks instead of the weekly count.timesheet

Monthly Timesheet

To keep track of the number of hours that your employee has worked for per month, without any daily breaks. Then the monthly timesheet is the best option for you. The great thing about monthly timesheet is that it will help you calculate the totals for you in both the weekly & summary areas.


Physical vs Online Timesheet

Tracking the number of hours that your employee has worked for is important to the bottom line of your business. While some companies still choose to do things the manual way, a lot have now preferred to do things automatically via online timesheet. Whichever method it is that you might prefer, always choose the one that suits you best.

If you prefer to use the manual way. You can print a paper timesheet with a template that is in accordance with your business needs. You can then ask your employees to complete it manually either by hand. To make things even easier you can ask them to download and then e-fill in the template with their time & information in Microsoft excel file or a google sheet.

However why choose the manual way when you can do things automatically?. In addition to being time-consuming and tedious. Running a manual timesheet might cost your company a loss in time, money and even legal problems due to incorrect calculations that can always happen due to human errors or any other force majeure events that occur.



The evolution of Timesheet  – Albam

Originally used and developed by an employer to record employees’ working hours. Today’s Timesheet has developed from being more than just a time tracker. It is now capable in supporting more advanced tasks such as management accounting to payroll. With the widening usage of timesheet, asking employees to fill out paper Timesheet is no longer the norm.

Why not try Albam? Take any picture of your schedule and create your timesheet automatically anytime anywhere. Albam also provides a clock-in and clock-out feature for your employee. With all time calculated automatically without any manual calculations. You can also handle time off requests & change of work records without having to go through the trouble of signing off via manual ways. What’s even better is that all of it comes with no fraction of a cost, Totally Free.

time and attendance

After taking a picture of your schedule. Then your schedule would be reflected directly at our application, well isn’t it simple? Batch employees based on their schedule accordingly, and track their working hours directly within the palm of your hand. With Albam, Time & Attendance has never been this simple.


time and attendance

Time and Attendance, Shift Management to Payroll – Albam



What is Albam?

Albam is an all in one Human Resource solution system that allows you to manage and centralize every aspect of your staffing needs. From attendance to automated payroll. Backed by cutting-edge cloud computing system, clock in anywhere and anytime to access, personalize and download your data.

Join more than 50,000 corporates that have trusted Albam in more than 20 countries worldwide now. Time attendance & Payroll management has never been this easier.

The Albam for Admin Android app and iOS app is now available for free. This isn’t a trial. Your free access to Albam Time & Attendance never expires.

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