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Robotic Process Automation in Human Resources

Robotic Process Automation in Human Resource: The most practical solution

The work of every Human Resource personnel begins when a position within the organization needs to be filled. This means placing job posts, interviewing applicants, evaluating them and eventually giving the job offers to the right applicant. Well, in Human Resources, the recruiting and on boarding process is just the beginning. Bringing employees in is the next step. And it usually involves a huge investment in time due to the large amounts of paperworks and management. At times this can be tedious, tiring and repetitive for both the HR department and the new employees. The employment cycle then continue with managing the employees. Checking on their Time & Attendance records, holiday allowances, payroll, etc. This is where Robotic Process Automation comes into function.

Robotic Process Automation


So what is a Robotic Process Automation in Human Resource

Robot Process Automation in Human Resource is a term when digital machine labor replaces manual effort. RPA plays the function of a virtual employee. A virtual employee that automates certain repetitive and standard processes. These HR processes ranges from monitoring Time Attendance, Payroll automation, performance reviews to Data Management. These tasks when handled by humans are prone to errors.  Robotic Process Automation on the other hand runs 24/7. And once incorporated they help simplify the human effort and skills needed for seamless HR processes.

Today’s Modern Robot Process Automation is simple and easy to use. Even a normal person can operate the system. To run the system, no conventional coding skills are even required. They even knits together HR data fields, from the Time & Attendance data taken by Time Attendance Machines, transferring them to cloud based software fields and even allowing data to be downloaded in the form of Excel.


The top 3 usages of Robotic Process Automation in Human Resources

Time And Attendance 

For small companies that only have 2 or 3 employees; recording lateness, absences and vacations might be an easy task for employers. But on a larger scale, manually reviewing employee time records and their absence on a daily basis is definitely not a viable option (considering both time and cost wise). Therefore the implementation of Robotic Process Automation will help companies validate records by cross-checking data (example absentees reports against the time that the employees clock in at their workplace). Some RPA models might also give alerts when the employee is not in the office or when he/she has worked overtime. The data provided by the RPA model will help companies to comply with the Fair Labor Contracts, and help protect them legally upon any legal dispute that may arise.



The implementation of Automatic Payroll is not easy. Due to strict local compliances, security requirements and the high number of variable components which make up the Payroll. Many companies still rely a lot on manual processes for their payroll calculations. But manual processes involves large volumes of data entry and are highly repetitive by nature. Prone to human errors; incorrect submissions and overall delays in payment are common occurrences that usually takes place when calculating payroll. By implementing Robotic Process Automation. Calculation of taxes, giving bonus and even wire transfer can all be automated directly.

Once implemented, RPA system would be able to verify the consistency of payroll system employee data by checking it against the data in the ERP system. It can also automatically track and produce paychecks, benefits administration, rewards and even reimbursements to avoid inaccurate submission and overall delays.


Employee Data Management

If you think of all of the data that HR professionals manage. From Former employees, Current employees, New applicants, Attendance, Insurance, Payroll, benefits, Etc. HR personnels track huge amounts of data which are at times dispersed in multiple locations. Inputting and tracking this data requires endless manual entry, update and maintenance across multiple database management systems. By implementing RPA, accurate and complete employee data can be maintained right from the first day. Followed by a continuous update of data to ensure consistency across multiple system in various formats.

Is Robotic Process Automation the Solution?

As companies grow. They expand and are therefore Human Resource personnels are faced with daunting tasks which includes hiring more personnels and opening up new branches. This means that to maintain optimum productivity, HR personnels must always look for ways to automate the various kinds of repetitive activities that exists in HR. This is where Robotic Process Automation comes into play. Because RPA is a suitable match for processes that are rules based and transactional, once these rules are inputted into the system, RPA would enable companies to automate the various kinds of HR activities that they are dealing with every single day.

RPA is applicable to companies that have a set of organized procedures when dealing with Human Resources. When each employee is going through similar on boarding processes, this is where automation can be applied. Traditional on boarding processes in company usually takes weeks and months. When you apply RPA, the same on boarding processes can be reduced to days. Thereby allowing employees to start working to their full potential and productivity as soon as they have entered the company. In addition, this will also mean that you can deliver HR Services to employees much more efficiently and with speed. No more manual downloads, everything can be automatically generated and downloaded.


Have you applied Robotic Process Automation to your HR system?

We are living in a world where the advancements of technologies have led to the birth of Artificial intelligenceMachine LearningBlock Chains, Robots and a ton of other innovative inventions. And unconsciously, they have now become a part of our lives. As for us, fellow HR practitioners. We must prepare ourselves to adapt to this huge shift. And that includes; updating our skills, technical expertise and adopting new technologies that would help us. This is why Albam is here. Why waste your time on administrative processes when you can focus on more valuable things . Not only will you save money and time, but you will also be able to prevent an other wise lost productivity in human resources. We understand your burden, and that’s why we are here to help you!

Robotic Process Automation

We at Albam provides a Robotic Process Automation Software for HR/Payroll for your company. Our Robotic Process Automation Software provides Time Attendance, Shift Management and Payroll Automation for your company. With our RPA solution, we want to not only help you on decreasing your expenditures, but to also help create efficiency for your labour management.


What is Albam?

Albam is an all in one Human Resource solution system that allows you to manage and centralize every aspect of your staffing needs. From attendance to automated payroll. Backed by cutting-edge cloud computing system, clock in anywhere and anytime to access, personalize and download your data.

Robotic Process Automation with Albam

Join more than 40,000 corporates that have trusted Albam in more than 20 countries worldwide now. Time attendance & Payroll management has never been this easier.

The Albam for Admin Android app and iOS app is now available for free. This isn’t a trial. Your free access to Albam Time & Attendance never expires.

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