OTR is a simple app with a simple function. Nevertheless, there are few remarks to consider when using the app.



The first thing will be to take a good picture of a timecard. OTR supports a recognition view during the photo shoot within the app. But since there are so many types of timecards in the world. There is a slight chance for the app to fail for recognition.


At this point, it is always possible for the users to use the uploading function of OTR. Images in the gallery can be selected for upload, and through this, every type of paper timecard is processable.

paper time card


Another thing that you should take note is to wait during the conversion. Unlike any other OCR app, OTR requires at most 24 hours to convert the timecard image into an Excel file. This is because OTR uses both OCR technology and manpower to create a reliable file for its users.

The time that OTR asks to its users is maximum of 24 hours. Please take not that this is based on our working days. From monday to friday, weekend excluded.  As OTR sends notifications to its users, you will be notified once the file that you have uploaded has been converted.

Taking note of these minor remarks will help you to make the best use out of OTR.


Download now in Google Play and Upload timecard, Convert within 24 hours, Download Excel!