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Reasons to use OTR, the Timecard converter


OTR is a simple app with a simple function. Due to this, it may be overlooked by some people. But remember, usually its the small and simple things that truly counts. 




The function of OTR might seem a little too simple. With its main function, still limited to only converting paper timecards into Excel files only. However if you actually look at it. This simple job actually takes quite an amount of time and energy in an employee’s everyday routine. As a matter of fact, one survey done in the UK showed that office works spent 636.6 hours a year completing administrative or repetitive tasks. 


Streamlining your business process

To compete effectively in this fast paced ever changing business environment. Companies need to automate their everyday manual tasks to ensure productivity. This will help employees to spend their time on the right things, their primary work. Left unchanged, the situation could be crippling for business. Particularly for those organizations that still a lot on manual labor. 

No matter what the method is, it is up to you to figure out how to streamline your job process to save the time and money from being wasted. If you are tired and exhausted, from doing the same thing again and again. Then using OTR is definitely the right way to help you out of from your tiring situation.

paper time card



Also do take note that the purpose of OTR is not to change something. It is just to help. Helping you to convert paper time punch cards into Excel files for faster and easier management of records. An extra hand to what has been done repeatedly. 



OTR processes the timecards using both the technology of text extraction and manpower. Technology and computers don’t exactly make ‘mistakes’, but there are some limit still to what they are capable of. OTR understands this part of worry and therefore, it uses manpower to confirm the files created before they are open to the users for download. For those who prefers human hands and eyes, the reason to use OTR is this: OTR will have its team behind the technology for the reliable files.

OTR is a free app, so you won’t even have to worry a thing about spending a penny. 



Download now in Google Play and Upload timecard, Convert within 24 hours, Download Excel!

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