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buddy punching

Buddy Punching, prevent it with Albam today

What is Buddy Punching?

buddy punching


‘Buddy Punching’ is clocking or punching in and out for a coworker while he or she is not actually working. Many employers and managers are still struggling to solve this problem in their offices and workplaces. It all starts as a good mean among many employees, but degeneration is almost always inevitable. Once or twice can be overlooked by some employers, but it almost always never ends within once or twice. Soon, many administrators realize that the cost caused by buddy punching is never negligible. In 2017, U.S. Bureau of Labor had even conducted a research on this and the result stated $373 million per year being wasted. Technology has been there for the struggling personnels to help in decreasing their burden in buddy punching, but some of these new functions have their own, various weak points.



Various methods to clock in and out

buddy punching

There are many methods of clocking in and out in modern days such as geofencing, GPS tracking or biometrics. Some have their weak points in pricing, some in manipulation and fabrication through other technology, some in compatibility with other devices, and some in compulsorily requiring backup methods of PIN codes and passwords. These weak points are the possible loopholes which let ‘buddy punchers’ to crawl in. However with Albam, these weak points can all just go away along with the struggles and burdens.


So, how does Albam prevent Buddy Punching?

buddy punching

Albam allows employees to clock in and out through its Albam bluetooth beacon device when they are within its range. Of course, beacon is not the only way to prevent buddy punching or false attendance check provided by Albam.  As employees clocked in and clocked out, model names are also recorded safely within Albam app and web admins. This way managers/admins would know if employees have clocked in with either using their own phone or through someone else’s phone. In addition our Albam system will send an alert to the designated managers and employers on the case that buddy punching occurs.



Learn more about Albam

buddy punching

Clocking in and out with Albam is very simple, considering the barriers it has to prevent false punching. After downloading Albam for Staff and add the workplace, employees can open the app and press ‘Clock In’ and ‘Clock Out’ accordingly. Requesting for any modification and alteration can be done within the app with minimum actions. Employers and managers are able to view their employees clocking in and out in real-time through their Albam for Admin. As mentioned above, alerts will be sent to the managers as soon as there is buddy punching with the same phone. Through Admin app, false records of attendance and working hours can be deleted and added again with the correct data.



What happens to your data?

buddy punching

Albam provides its service through Amazon secured cloud servers, backed with multiple layers of SSL protection from Symantec to Comodo wildcard. Amazon has multiple servers worldwide to store data and records of every workplace and employees as safely as possible. Albam’s US patented service gives a unique proposition in the market – its unique technology prohibits users from clocking in and out of their workplaces from outside the workplace proximity, including buddy punching. All sorts of fake attendance checks can be prevented and correct data will be stored safely.

buddy punching


Technology develops everyday to enhance and increase the standards of life. In HR section, technology is developing to help the administrators from being deceived by few wicked minded employees. However, a thing to remember is that technology never picks sides. For this reason, some employers still prefer manual ways to check attendance and working hours. Albam therefore, has put more than one barrier, using both technical and manual ways to prevent every attempt. To decrease more burdens, Albam provides required beacon for free per workplace. So now, start your Albam with 30 days trial!


What is Albam?

Albam is an all in one Human Resource solution system that allows you to manage and centralize every aspect of your staffing needs. From attendance to automated payroll. Backed by cutting-edge cloud computing system, clock in anywhere and anytime to access, personalize and download your data.


Join more than 50,000 corporates that have trusted Albam in more than 20 countries worldwide now. Time attendance & Payroll management has never been this easier.

The Albam for Admin Android app and iOS app is available for free. Your free access to Albam Time & Attendance never expires.

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