[Newploy App] Charged services and payment terms and conditions

Article 1 (Purpose)
The purpose of the Newploy Charged Services and Payment Terms and Conditions (hereinafter ‘Payment Terms’) is to provide the required information regarding use and payment of the charged services offered by Newploy Co. Ltd. (hereinafter ‘Company’).


Article 2 (Definition)
The terminology used in this Payment Terms shall have the same meanings given thereto under the Company’s ‘[Newploy App] Terms of Use, Article 2 (Definitions).


Article 3 (Charged Service etc.)
1. Services provided to the member, including Albam Time & attendance, Albam Time & attendance plus+ (hereinafter, ‘Time & attendance’), and Albam Payroll automator (hereinafter, ‘Payroll automator’), shall be provided for a charge, but for a limited period of time or to limited members at the discretion of the Company may be provided for free. To use the services that the Company has set to be charged, or to access separate charged information provided through business cooperation with a third party, the member must first pay the stated amount of fee for the corresponding information using the method determined by the Company, and this is on basis that the member has agreed to such. In addition, through business corporations with a third party, a discount may be applied to the specified fee amount through the Company or a third party.
2. The service fee is the fee paid to use the charged service among the services offered to the member, and different rates may apply according to the maximum limit or range of service that is available to the accessible user, and the amount calculated in accordance with the service will be notified in advance to the member. To this end, the Company shall indicate the following clauses on the introduction to charged services screen, user manual, and website or FAQ on the application so that the member can access it easily. When there is a change to service fees, such shall be notified 7 (seven) days in advance.
(1) Name or title of the “charged services”
(2) Name (if it is a corporate, name of corporate), address and phone number of the developer of the “charged services”
(3) Details, method of use, service fee and other conditions of use pertaining to the “charged services”
3. The Company may request additional personal information needed to accord with the regulations for carrying out the payment, and the member must provide correct information in accordance with the requested personal information. The Company is not liable for damages that may occur to the member due to providing incorrect personal information as long it is not done by the Company intentionally or due to negligence.
4. If the member using the charged service cancels registration and requests for a refund due to reasons defined in the Terms of Use, or if the service can no longer be provided due to reasons attributable to the Company, in accordance with the Company’s Terms of Use, the total service fee or remaining balance will be refunded to the bank account appointed by the user.


Article 4 (Establishment of the User Agreement)
1. In order to use the charged services, the User Agreement is established when the member agrees to use the charged services and pays the service fee determined separately by the Company. The member must inform the Company or record that the money has been transferred via the payment screen on the application, the payment screen on the website, E-mail or telephone, and after the Company verifies this, the Company must inform or notify the member that service is now accessible via the payment history on the application, the payment screen on the website, E-mail or telephone. When the payer of the service fee is different from the user of the service, the Company may request for verification, and then approve the use of charged services.


Article 5 (User Protection)
1. The Company has defined procedures to manage information related to transactions in the following clauses:
(1) The name, type, details and price of the service provided by the Company are indicated.
(2) You can receive information on the service you have purchased from the Company if you contact the Customer Center.
(3) If you have complaints or require compensation for damages, please contact the Customer Center.
2. The member shall purchase the Company’s service using the following procedures and can return or receive a refund of the purchases made.
(1) The methods of payment of the service fee to purchase the desired services of the Company include bank transfer, credit card payment and CMS. The payment of the service fee will be completed when the money has been transferred to the account for cash, and for card payments or CMS, automatic approval is recognized.
(2) When the member who has completed payment/transfer of money requests for a refund before using the services provided, we will refund the full amount or provide a different service that is the equivalent to the service fee amount.
(3) In principle, members who have already started using the service cannot be fully refunded, but refund requests due to error or mistakes of the Company’s system will be approved and the full amount will be refunded. In addition, for only the members using the charged service prior to the Enforcement Date of the Charged Services and Payment Terms and Conditions, the Company may calculate the monthly amount from the set annual amount, and refund a certain amount accordingly.
(4) To protect the customer, if the Company discovers that a company is limiting service use due to specific reasons, or someone who is using the service after deleting or manipulating important information of the service, or who is stealing and using another person’s identity, or accessing the service by breaking the law or by disturbing public order, then cancellation of the transaction or refunds cannot be carried out.
(5) For users under the age of 20, when making a transaction, approval of a legal representative is required. If transaction has been made without the approval of a legal representative, if the member makes a request, cancellation of the payment or refund requests may be accepted.
(6) The Company notifies the responsible employees and carries out training on user protection.
(7) For further information on the service, please contact the Customer Center (support@albam.net) and we will kindly guide you.


Article 6 (Cancellation of User Agreement for Charged Services)
1. If the member wishes to cancel the User Agreement for Charged Services, contact the Customer Center or follow the procedures specified by the Company through the Apply to Cancel User Agreement for Charged Services clause, to cancel the User Agreement for Charged Services.
2. The cancellation of the User Agreement of Charged Services shall be established through the member’s request to cancel the service and the Company’s approval. The moment the Company approves the request, cancellation effects take place and refunds will be made in accordance with Article 7. If each charged service has different methods and effects of cancellation of agreement defined in separate terms and conditions which are different from what is stated in this Article, with regards to the cancellation of agreement, each individual charged service shall comply with the individual terms and conditions.


Article 7 (Refunds of Service Fee)
1. If there is an error regarding the Company’s service fee, upon request of the member or through the Company’s notice in advance, the following measures shall be taken.
(1) For amounts that have been overpaid, that amount will be returned.  However, the member may agree to deduct the excess amount from the amount to be charged the following month.
(2) Newploy charged services are charged by month, and after the service that has been overpaid for has been provided and used, the monthly amount cannot be refunded. The time the service commences is in accordance with what is stated in Article 5 (User Protection).
(3) For reasons as stated below, the member may make objections to the service fee. However, objections must be made within 7 (seven) days from when the objection has been noticed or 1 (one) month from the date of the occurrence. After the objections have been made, such will be checked by the Customer Center, and for exceptionally overpaid amounts, a refund may be made.
– When the member has completed the payment, but has no record of using the service
– Service failure or not being able to use the service due to reasons attributable to the Company even though all the minimum technical specifications required by the Company have been met
– When the service that the member has purchased is not provided
– When normal use of the service is significantly impaired due to faults of the provided service
– When not able to formally use the service due to shipping and other problems
(4) However, if the member has violated regulations stated in Terms of Use, Article 14 (Obligations of the Member), and the Company has restricted the member’s access to the service or has terminated the User Agreement, refunds may not be made for the member.
(5) For full or partial refunds, in principle, the refund will be made through the payment method that the member used to pay for the service, but if this is impossible or for partial refunds due to early termination of the service, etc., the refund will be made using a separate method determined by the Company. If there are any payments that the member who is to receive the refund has not made, this will be deducted from the amount that is to be refunded.


Article 8 (Application of the Terms of Use)
For any details that are required but have not otherwise been stated in the Payment Terms, these shall comply with the regulations defined in the Terms of Use.
(Enforcement Date) These Payment Terms shall be effective as of 1st August, 2017.
(Revised date) July 17, 2020
(Revised date) August 4, 2021