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OTR – When and where can it be used?



OTR(Optical Timecard Recognition) is an app specially made only for paper timecards. The app uses OCR technology for text extraction, but it is definitely not an OCR app.





Many people searching for OCR function in OTR will unfortunately be disappointed There are many OCR apps out there in the world, but OTR is definitely not one of them. OTR is an app made only for paper time punch card users. It is for those who are struggling in typing numbers of attendance records into their computers for further calculations.

paper time card



OTR can be used when its users are in a rush for other work and got only little time to spend in organizing paper timecards and information within them.

OTR can be used when its users’ companies are lack of manpower in their HR departments. And in conditions where there are no one to organize all those attendance records of employees into digital files.

OTR can be used when its users are going through such stressful situations and want to take the steam off, but got stuck with paper time punch cards for pay calculation.



This app serves its OCR purpose only on timecards. Therefore, OTR can only be used for paper timecards that has punched records of attendance.

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