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OTR – The convenience of converting files with smartphone



Transform the way you convert your data with your everyday smart phone. No trick no magic, just pure technology. Our OTR app is designed with in-built algorithms that analyzes and extracts information with verified accuracy. Furthermore, OTR team always checks the created files and confirms them once more to increase the reliability.




Once you have taken a picture of your paper timecard and uploaded it in the app, there will be a certain process of conversion taking place from OTR’s side. The technology of OTR converts the image automatically into a digital file which actually can be downloaded directly. However, to enhance the quality, OTR team makes sure that the file is checked by our typist once more before it is exported back to you.


paper time card


Simple right? What’s even better is that it will only take 24 hours (office hours) till you get the processed file. Have any questions? Well our team is always available.



Download now in Google Play and Upload timecard, Convert within 24 hours, and Download your Excel Timesheet now!

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