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OTR – How to use and Useful Tips


OTR is a simple app with a simple function. Nevertheless, there are a few tips to make the best use out of it. Below we have summarized some of the tips which you can actually apply to make the full use of your OTR app.




TIP 1.

Don’t turn off the notification setting in OTR. The app can send you the notifications as long as you don’t turn off the setting in your smartphone. This is quite important as OTR sends them when the conversion is completed. To download the converted files right away, it is important to keep the right setting in place.

paper time card


TIP 2.

Take the time zone into your consideration when uploading the timecards. GMT+8 and GMT+9 is the time that applies to OTR team. So uploading your time card during the given office hours of these time zone will shorten the time needed to convert the paper time punch cards.


TIP 3.

Take pictures of timecards in advance. It will be much easier and faster to upload taken images into the app, as using gallery function doesn’t go through the recognition of a timecard according to its size and type.



These are some advices that will help you to use OTR better, but fundamentally, the app is easy and simple to use and so, there will be no difficulty in converting paper timecards even though the tips are not followed.



Download now in Google Play and Upload timecard, Convert within 24 hours, and Download your Excel Timesheet now!

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