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OTR case study: Sam, a small bakery shop owner that uses OTR



How a simple OTR can save Sam, an owner of a small bakery shop from so much pain.

This is the story of Sam. One of our customers who have downloaded and tried out our OTR app. To start with, Sam is an owner of a bakery cafe. He started the business by himself as a tiny bakery. With time, the store has now expanded and is currently employing 15 people. It has also expanded its business from just a bakery shop to a cafe as well. Eventually with the ever expanding number of employees, Sam then purchased a time punching machine to track the attendance records of his employees.




Previously attendance was not seen as something crucial for Sam. But as one of the cashiers were often late, Sam realized that a time attendance machine was needed to help record tracks and therefore discipline his employees. After application, he realized that the time attendance machine did actually decreased his stress level in keeping tracks. The convenience was even more felt as he used it to track the attendance of the increasing number of employees hired in his bakery cafe.




As the business grew, calculating the payroll of employees then became such a time-consuming work. At first he tried the manual calculation by paper. Soon he realized that there was always an issue with getting the right end results. And so in order to make things easier for himself, he tried to type in all of his employees’ working hours data from the timecards into the Excel for calculation. However this also became frustrating, as a lot of time and effort was needed to convert the paper timecards.

paper time card


Sam knew that applying a new, systematical attendance and payroll software would help him a lot. But he didn’t want to confuse his employees and himself with a new system while his business was growing rapidly. He just needed to figure out ways to reduce the time spent in inputting and converting the raw numbers into a digital Excel sheet.



This is when Sam found his silver lining, OTR. His friend, who once recommended him to use the time punching machine, sent a message recommending this free app for paper timecard conversion. The app was free and signing up was easy as it can be done directly through Google account, so Sam decided to try out.

To see the reliability of the app, Sam uploaded only some of the timecards first. When he downloaded the files created however, he was surprised that all of the data in the employees’ timecards were automatically converted and manually confirmed within 24 hours. OTR was a life changing technology for him.



Usually Sam used to ask his employees to help him input the raw data in paper timecards to Excel sheets in return for an extra pay. A few hours of work per month would already cost 10% of the employee’s average pay. And even so, it was hard to find someone who was willing to do so. Downloading and using OTR saved not only his money. But it has also deeply improved the relationship between Sam and his employees.



Download now in Google Play and Upload timecard, Convert within 24 hours, Download Excel!

* This content is based on a review of an OTR user. Some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

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