OTR is for those who have stacked hundreds or even thousands of physical time punch cards.

The pain of having to manually search for a specific date or an employee within layers of paper timecards is beyond understanding. Not to mention the struggle of typing numbers into computers for automatic pay calculation.





With OTR, this would be history. Upload the timecards in pictures and get them in Excel. As computer files, downloaded ones will be able to be viewed and edited. Excel contains an internal search function and calculating function. Search function would let you easily search for a certain date by simply pressing Ctrl+F in Windows or Command+F in Mac. The other function would make every calculation easier and faster through multiple functions. These would save you so much time.

Research also finds that the time spent on paperwork would be able to be reduced by up to 75% with the help of character recognition technology. Using this effective technology just only for paper timecard users is what OTR is all about.

paper time card


In addition with the adoption of this new technology, you would be able to let employees focus their energy on doing what they love. This will in turn grow the business and increase overall efficiency.


Download now in Google Play and Upload timecard, Convert within 24 hours, Download Excel!