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OTR – Don’t work hard, work smart



Don’t work hard, work smart. Perhaps this would be the right slogan that would best fit today’s corporate culture. We should always strive to accomplish the same or more without working harder. This is how we can be efficient. As a human we have a certain limitation on how far we can actually go with work. Scientifically our brains normally are capable of remaining focused for about 90 minutes. And then you need a break for at least 15 minutes, before it can return back to its normal state. 





In a world where work efficiency and costs are the priority, working hard would not really mean anything if it doesn’t reduce any monetary costs that are incurred. In fact, in today’s corporate world, even the slightest amount of effort that is put in converting the data itself is a cost.


paper time card



With OTR, time spent on paper timecards can be reduced by 75%. Not only will this mean that you can save more time, but also less labor power is needed to handle paper time punch cards. Additionally, digitizing documents would also mean that less space is ever needed. With less space needed, this means you would also be able to save more money. With the rapid expansion of smartphones and the significant improvements in their hardware, the possibilities of OTR is limitless. If you are not using the technology yet, perhaps now is the time.



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