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What is Beacon? How do I order ‘Beacon’

What is Beacon? Why do I need it?

Beacon will make it easier for you to keep an eye on your staffs.

Albam recommend you to order Beacon because it will allow staffs to clock in who are within the boundary of the workplace by sending Bluetooth signals.

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Simply let your employees to turn on Bluetooth and when the phone reaches the signal, it will only allow the employees to clock in and out within the boundary.



Why do I need it to clock in and out?

Without Beacon, any sneaky employee can clock in and out wherever they are and it’s very easy for them to fake the time tracker.

So try out Beacon and experience convenience!

Order Beacon. Free Albam Device Beacon. Timesheet. Time Tracker. Clock in. Clock out.



How do I order the ‘Albam device, Beacon’?

Please follow below steps to order a Beacon

Once you created your workplace, Albam application will ask you to choose one of the versions we have, then a window pops up for you to order the device for free.

Order Free Beacon, Albam device. Smart Clock in and Clock out



You can either check ‘Workplace address’ to send to the actual workplace address or you can also send it to a different location, whether it’s your home or other workplace if your work hasn’t opened yet or whatever the case may be.

Order Free Albam Device, Beacon. Type your Address



Then your order is complete !

Once you receive Beacon, you don’t need to do any extra work. It all set up for you. All you need to do is the put the Beacon in a place where the employees usually go in and out, say somewhere near the entrance or even stick it on the door.

Don’t forget to let your employees to turn on Bluetooth.

Free Albam Device, Beacon Order Complete.



If you accidentally closed the pop-up window, don’t worry.

Go to your workplace, then on the top, there is another button for you to order Beacon.

Go to ‘Register device’.

Register Device, Order Free Albam Device, Beadon.



Then it will lead you to a page where it explains about the device. Click the button that says ‘Order Beacon’ at the bottom.

What is Beacon. How do I order Free Albam Device Beacon?



Type in the workplace information or check the workplace address button to order.

Order Free Albam Device, Beacon. Type your address.



Once you filled in all the information, you will receive the machine soon : )

Order Free Albam Device Beacon. Order Complete.



When the Internet is disconnected, it will still allow the employees to check in and out and the records will be kept, but it won’t send you notifications unless they are connected again.


Need help adding your employees? Follow the link below.

User Guide: Add Employee

User guide – How to add employees?

The first step to use Albam, employee timesheet application, is to add workplace.

If you decide to use Albam, maybe you’re an owner or a manager of a workplace who are looking for employee timesheet application. Add workplace is the first step, before register the employees and start managing employee timesheet or schedule.

For those who are stuck adding a new workplace, now Albam will help you to add workplace you want to manage.



“Are you stuck adding a new workplace?”

First, press ” + New workplace” button a the top left corner at Albam administrator application.

new workplace



You will need to set your location first before searching for the name of the workplace.

set location



Say that you’re looking for your workplace located in New York.

search location



It will give a whole list of places. Then you can choose a location from the list instead of searching.

select location



If you’re at your workplace or near it, you can simply press the button below the search bar, which says ‘Current location’

current location



Now that the location is narrowed down to the place you set, you can type in the name of your workplace in the search bar. Say that you’re looking for Starbucks, it will give you a list of Starbucks within the area you set, ‘New York, NY, US’.

serach workplace



Select your workplace from the list provided.

tap workplace from list



Can’t add workplace because of no results? You can create your own!

If you can’t find your workplace, you can also create your own. Tap either one of the highlighted buttons below.

no results



Then type in the information of your workplace.

create workplace



Now there is your workplace added to your list !

add workplace completed



Once you’ve successfully selected your workplace, you will face a page asking you to choose a version Albam provides.

We have three versions, free, plus, and payroll automator.

service select screen



You can find detail information for each service at the Albam homepage.

Please click the link below to go to Albam homepage to see the service details.

Go to Albam Homepage


Need another user guide? Please follow the link below.

<How to add employees to the workplace>

User guide – How to add employees?

<How to order free BEACON>

User guide – How to order Free beacon?



The Albam for Admin Android app and iOS app is now available for free. This isn’t a trial. Your free access to Albam Time & Attendance never expires.

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