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One Essential Fact Leaders often Forget

Earn Faith from your Employees

Pay attention to what kind of people they are, Talk to them and Treat them Right.

Create better relationship than just work.

Great managers would have employees follow without conflicts. It doesn’t mean that you’re forcing them to do what you order. All leaders need to know that they need to communicate with their employees more often in a proper manner. Yes, the boss and the employees are in a relationship with a written paper in between. However, it doesn’t mean you can treat them like vending machines that gives you what you need with a few dollars. Always be aware and remember, you’re working with a human being; not a working robot.

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Let’s admit this fact that not many people like to work. Workplace isn’t exactly the happiest environment for especially employees. Then isn’t it leaders to responsibility to tweak the atmosphere a little bit to make the staffs feel more comfortable at work? Make them wanna see you with happier thoughts.

The best and easiest way to do that is to talk to them personally. It will help you earn faith from them if you continue the relationship where you actually care about them as a person. Make them feel like they value to you. That they matter to you not only as working machines, but as buddies. Yes, they are your work buddies, but I meant more than just a stiff relationship you call, work colleagues. It will create a better relationship with you than just a contract. Once you treat them right and make them feel like they’re your people, it will motivate them to work better for their managers.

Think about it.

Even if you get paid well, would you prefer working for someone you hate to get involved?

No. People would prefer the opposite. If you don’t make them feel like they matter to you, maybe other managers could easily take them away with better offers.



When you talk to them consider the followings.

Get to know them personally – Their favorite things like foods and places, how far or close they live, personal interests and future goals. If you’re aware of these facts about them it will definitely help you show that you care for them in the future. It will then eventually give the employees trust in you more. They will comment to others later that their employer is the rare, friendly kind.


Respect their Culture and Religion – Everyone is born and raised in different environments. As leaders, it is essential to be  open to different types of people they will be working with.


Listen to their Opinions – All people have different thoughts. Even if they might have less experience or education background than others, it doesn’t mean they will never have better ideas. Give them opportunities to open up and share ideas. Who knows? They might strike you with the best idea that nobody could think of.


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