Notice of service terms and conditions change according to company's name change
Hello, we are greeting you for the first time as Newploy.
On July 17, 2020, Blue Night Co., Ltd. was renamed NewFlow Co., Ltd.

Accordingly, we inform you that company's name displayed in Albam's terms and conditions and
its service will be changed to 'Newploy Co., Ltd.'
You can find the changed company name in each terms and conditions of the Albam service,
and all of the Albam service can be used the same regardless of company's name change.

We will do our best to help you improve your work and life in a better way.
Thank you.

[Amendments to Terms and Conditions]
As of July 17, 2020, the company name will be changed from Blue Night to Newploy.
As a result, the company name in the Albam service terms and conditions will be changed as mentioned above.

[Terms reflected]
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