Agreement for Marketing Use

Article 1 (Purpose)
Albam Time & attendance, Albam Time & attendance plus+, and Albam Payroll automator (hereinafter ‘Service’) of Newploy Co. Ltd. (hereinafter, ‘Company’), may use members’ personal (credit) information in accordance with the 「Privacy Protection Act」 and 「Credit Information Use and Protection Act」 for business purposes such as to introduce products or for marketing to our Company’s affiliated companies in order to enhance the quality and provide a greater variety of information to the Member.



Article 2 (Information Related to Collection and Use)
The business partner company which the personal information is provided to, information and purpose of use of the provided information is shown below. Only information of the members who have agreed to this Agreement for Third Party Marketing Use shall be provided and the provided information will not exceed the scope of the stated purposes of use, and we are making all efforts to make sure to provide strict security so that accidents such as leakage of personal information do not occur.
Provided Company | Provided Items | Purpose | Period
OO Card | Name, workplace name, workplace address, phone number, company registration number | Used for data to help issue a card which will allow the member to have discounts  on payment related to using of Service | This is in accordance with the privacy statement of the company that



Article 3 (Withdrawal of Agreement to Provide Information to a Third Party)
Members who registered before 1st August, 2017 or new members who have agreed to this agreement who wish to withdraw from providing information to a third party, at any time may view and request provided information to be deleted or amended even for information that has already been provided to a third party. Requests to view, amend, delete or withdraw agreement to provide information can be done through the Albam Customer Center (+82-1644-3332), after member identity verification. In order to leave evidentiary data regarding the request, the call may be recorded and the member will be considered to have agreed to this.
It will take a certain amount of time to withdraw member information that has already been provided. Therefore, for reasons mentioned above, even if the member requests to withdraw agreement of use, until the withdrawal process has been completed, provided information may continue to be used for marketing purposes.
The Company shall make every effort to deal with the request promptly to protect the member’s valuable information.


(Enforcement Date) These Payment Terms shall be effective as of 1st August, 2018.
(Revised date) July 17, 2020