To check attendance in the workplace where you are working, you must join the workplace before checking attendance properly. 
1. Log in to the app for Albam Employees. 
2. Home – click “Search Workplace.” 
3. Search Workplace – Enter the desired workplace, and click the magnifying glass button. 
4. At the bottom Store list, check the desired workplace and click. 
5. Check Workplace Information – Check the name, address, and owner of the workplace, and click “Join Workplace.” 
6. Check Payroll Policy – Check the name of the workplace, pay day, pay calculation unit, break time,
accepted clock-in/clock-out time, and click “OK.” 
* If your store uses the Time & Attendance service, the screen #6 does not appear; proceed until step #5. 
7. Once the admin has clicked Accept to allow the employee to join the workplace, you are done.