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Introduction of OTR, the Timecard converter

Welcome to OTR ! It is such a pleasure to introduce OTR to you.





So What is OTR?

OTR, Optical Timecard Recognition, is the ultimate OCR app only for paper timesheet users in managing raw attendance records.

The name might give you a hint in what OTR provides to its users. The function of OTR is for digitizing attendance records written and kept in paper timecards into Excel files. That is it, nothing more and nothing less.




All you need to prepare is your Android smartphone and a timecard that you want to extract the information.

Take a picture of a paper time punch card, upload it in OTR app. Wait for at most 24 hours (office hours), then download an Excel file of the uploaded time punch card with data of it.

paper time card



OTR provides its service free as the purpose is to help paper timecard users in their inputting process of so many numbers into their computers.

This app is suitable for many owners and managers out there. Especially for those using paper time punch cards for attendance records of employees.


Download now in Google Play and Upload timecard, Convert within 24 hours, Download Excel!
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