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Interview Skills to Hire the Best Employees

Interview Techniques you need when you Hire New Employees.

Finding the best possible employees for your team when it comes to work is not an easy task at all. Job interview is actually one of the sensitive part of the jobs you need to go through when running a any type of business. Resumes aren’t the only things you need to consider. You have to put your time and effort when hiring new employees. You need to meet them in person and figure out whether they’re suitable for the task. Sometimes most importantly you need to know if they’re not a psycho.

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  1. Ask Questions about your Business – This will help you find out how much the person has a studied and is eager to work at your company. They should be aware of the things that the business have been taking care of. As the interviewee answers the questions, you can find out the knowledge they have and how helpful they will be when they start working with you.
  2. Give them a Situation to Solve – Depending on the role they applied for, ask them how they would solve a problem. For example, if they applied for sales, ask them what market they would target for a certain type of goods or services. Add on to have a second situation if that first plan goes wrong. It will take a step further to check whether they’re able to overcome obstacles. This will also help you check their ability to work with you.
  3. Are they Answering and Focusing on the Right Subject? – Keep attention to how they answer questions. Watch whether they aren’t floating to another subject that doesn’t really apply to the question being asked. Look for people who focus and answer directly to the point. They would usually be the effective and efficient workers for the job.
  4. Are they Initiative? – Ask them if they have dealt with a difficult project or situation and find out how they managed it. When listening to their answers, you can judge their crisis management ability.
  5. Look for Team Players – Even if the position they applied won’t need much interaction with others, they need to be able to know how to work as a team. Why? Because no human works alone. This means, you need to find out their personality is suitable enough to at least communication well with the others. Even if you’re hiring a freelancer, they need to be able to fit in when having a meeting or explaining what they’ve done. So watch on whether they have proper social skills and personality to fit in.


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