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HR Resolutions that your HR team should make in 2019

The beginning of the year is always the best period to make new resolutions. It offers a fresh start for everyone. Be it for individuals or business alike. One can always learn and review from their experience in the past year. And seek on how they can improve in the year ahead. As companies are facing increased competition. HR transformation is an on-going process that must be undergone to make sure that companies are always ahead of the game.
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By starting 2019 with clear goals. HR departments can make sure that they don’t repeat the same mistake & retain the company’s top talents. However it is important to make sure that your goals are clear. According to a study by Psychology today, 80% of new year resolution will likely to fail by the 2nd month. The reasons of failures varies, and some of the reasons might include goals which are not clear, an overwhelming feeling or discouragement, or you are not ready to change. This is why it is important to make sure that your goals are achievable & realistic in the 1st place. Below we have compiled up 5 new year resolutions that you should adopt for 2019.


Cut down tasks that doesn’t add value

Do you know that the average HR staff spends around 14 hours/week to calculate attendance & payroll? Manual based time attendance methods such as punchcards, time sheets or fingerprint is both inconvenient and inefficient. These inefficient tasks lead to a waste of time. It’s now time to cut down work that causes stress & distraction. Why make life difficult when you can live a comfortable one?

timesheetOld method of Time Attendance : Timesheet


The role of HR managers have evolved in the past few years. From just being a support service function in the past, now HR managers are the mastermind of employee success programs. Today HR managers play a vital role in ensuring that the company’s long term strategic goals are achieved through the creation of workforce planning. This includes forecasts on workforce management. For example they need to make a plan on what type of employees will the organization need in the future, who will they hire and who is planning to retire in the future, etc. And all of this planning will include business fluctuations & sales numbers into their predictions.


As the role of HR moves on to strategic roles. It is now the time to figure out which tasks take the most time out of your day & decide on how you can improve on it. For example, the average time spent on taking attendance is around 45 minutes a day. But with Mobile based Time Attendance like Albam, it is reduced down by more than 70% to only 15 minutes.



Manage your Team from almost anywhere

Remote working is now popular these days. However this new trend is challenging for both the employees & managers as they tend to feel disconnected. Back then in the past, remote monitoring is almost impossible as managers must always be present to monitor & see the employee. Now with the development of IoT based devices such as Beacons & cloud computing, managing employees remotely are no longer a hassle.

As a HR associate, it is now the time for you to make a resolution to apply & adopt the current technologies to make remote working easier. Use an employee management system to set goals & keep track of their progress. Not only will you be able to track them, but you would also be able to communicate with them regularly & make them feel inclusive.

Remote monitoring with Albam, Anytime & Anywhere


Rethink on your Annual performance Review Process

Annual performance review is one of the most important factor in deciding an employee’s annual bonus, salary and even a reason to promote/demote someone from their position. As an employee’s performance review component maybe made up of so many variables, from punctuality to fulfilling his/her KPI. Counting all of them manually & pulling them to a set of visual information is not an easy thing to do.

Annual performance review


This year it’s now time to make a resolution to ditch manual performance reviews and switch to an automatic performance management software for employees. With Albam , you would be able to see direct statistics and analytics of your employees’ work records. Not only will you increase the overall productivity of your organization, but you would also be able to drive employee engagement. With data available in the palm of your hands, anywhere and anytime.



Make HR more personalized

Each department in the company may have their own sets of working policies & work schedule. So it makes perfect sense to tailor the process to them when it comes to shift management, salary or corporate holidays. In 2019 it is now to move away from blanket strategies. It is time to try to deliver HR on a personal level in 2019. From Time Attendance, Shift Management, Payroll to employee engagement. Everything can now be personalized to create an individualized experience for each team member.

By personalizing HR for each employee & departments, HR managers can truly figure out what works best & develop further plans to optimize their productivity.


Enhance Security

As a HR associate, it is one’s responsibility to ensure that all employee data is protected and secure. As a Human Resource, you need to find and share documents on a daily basis while keeping them secured. In the past, HR staffs always keep a manual records of employees. This includes data from Time Attendance, Work records to a more sensitive information such as payroll.

However, as we all know these conventional methods of keeping information are not safe. As they are prone to loss either by theft or any other force majeur events. Therefore if you are still using a manual form of HR solution. It is now the time for you to invest in a Human Resource management software that will help you organize, monitor & share employee documents securely.


This is why we at Albam have trusted our server to Amazon Cloud Server. “With full data encryption on SSL and more than 1,800 security controls that govern its services, Amazon Web Server’s security is no longer need to be questioned.” BBC . To add that up, we have also added another layers of SSL security that are provided by both Symantec and Comodo Wildcard. We use these 2 data security providers to ensure maximum protection for our users.


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