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timesheet rules in Indonesia

Time Shift schedule rules in Indonesia

Are you a foreign company in Indonesia that is trying to implement a Time Shift working system in Indonesia?

Well here we have complied a few things that you must take note. Though most companies in Indonesia apply full-time working hours. That usually starts from 08:00 to 17:00 for Monday-Friday or 08: 00-16: 00 Monday-Saturday. In Industries where businesses need to operate for long hours, such as shopping centre do apply time shift. Law no. 13 of 2003 concerning Manpower regulate companies who applied time shift.

Time Shift



Maximum Time Shift Work of 8 Hours a Day

Basically, the working time duration that applies to the shift system is not much different from a full time system. Article 77 of the Manpower Law, regulates the arrangement of employment in the time shift system.

– 7 hours 1 day and 40 hours 1 week for 6 working days in 1; or
– 8 hours 1 day and 40 hours 1 week for 5 working days in 1 week.

An employee may not work shifts that exceeds for 40 hours a week. The terms of shift work does not apply to certain business sectors. Examples include jobs in offshore oil drilling, long-distance transport drivers, long-haul flights, sailors on ships, etc.


Maximum Overtime of 3 hours/day.

Like companies that applied normal schedules for their employee. Companies that have applied shift schedules can also ask their employees to do overtime. With a note that there must be an agreement from the employee concerned. The terms of maximum agreement itself is stated in the provisions of Article 78 of Manpower Act. According to the laws, the maximum overtime works is limited up to 3 hours/day and up to 14 hours a week. Lastly, companies also have to pay overtime wages based on the employees’ working time.


Some Special Policies for Shifting Women’s Employees

Different than its male counterparts. The Indonesian government gives out a different policy for female employees who carried out shift work. Article 76 of the Manpower Act states the following conditions:

-Working  hours between 23:00 pm to 07:00 am for female employees aged below 18 is prohibited.
-Employees must exempt Pregnant employees from working. As it might be harmful to the health and safety of the womb.
-Companies that employ female employees between 23:00 pm and 07:00 am must provide nutritious food & drinks. They must also maintain decency and security while at work.
-Shuttle transportation is a compulsary. For female employees who depart & return to work between 23:00 pm and 05:00 am.

Time Shift


Report to the Indonesian Government upon changes in Shift:

According to Article 108 paragraph (1) Law No.13 of 2003 that concerns manpower. Companies must list & specify their working time shift in their Company Regulations. Though they are not compulsory. When a company when make changes from normal working hours to shift based employment hours. Then they are expected to inform the changes to the Ministry of Manpower. In addition Ministry of manpower must approve the new company regulations before it can be applied.


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