It is true that the system used for attendance is changing these days. However, it is not always easy for everyone to change the attendance system due to many different reasons. OTR(Optical Timecard Recognition) focused on helping people who, no matter the reasons, use paper timecards as their attendance system today.

The main function of this OTR is very simple. It exists for one function which is to convert the used paper timecards into Excel files.




Records stamped in paper timecards need to be moved into computers for pay calculation. Many people using paper time punch cards still spend way too much time during this. And it costs billions a day.


OTR makes the best use out of technology to help people reducing this time spent during inputting. This is to make the whole process from managing timecards to calculating pays can be simplified.

paper time card


Using technology of extraction, OTR recognizes information written in timecards and converts it into Excel files. To increase the reliability of these files, the team of OTR compares the information extracted to original photos for confirmation before they are released for downloads.

This is the main function of OTR and through this one function, OTR is able to help people in reducing time and effort put when manually making digital files of employees’ attendance.


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