*Web for Admin (PC) Coming Soon

On your PC, use the Web Admin services available on our Albam Time & Attendance and
Payroll Automator and check attendance records or download to Excel. 

(The Payroll Automator allows you to download payroll data to Excel.) 

1. In the Top menu on the Albam website, log in to the Web Admin page or visit web.albamapp.com. 
(The Web Admin page has been optimized for the Chrome browser, so we recommend accessing it in Chrome.) 

2. Log in to the existing Admin account. 

3. Click the Work tab in the upper lefthand corner. Check “Select Workplace,” “Select Employee,”
and “Set Period.” Click “Download Timesheet to Excel” or “Download Payroll Details to Excel” at the bottom. 

※ To provide accurate payroll data, we do not include unchecked or omitted records in the “Data When Payroll Downloaded to Excel.”