*Payroll Automator Coming Soon

To use the Albam Payroll Automator more accurately, you must set up an accurate Payroll Policy for your workplace.
(including accepted clock-in and clock-out times settings and break settings)
Please note that the Payroll Policy settings for your workplace can be viewed on screen only in the store that uses the Albam Payroll Automator. 

1. Log in to the app for Albam Admin. 
2. Go to Payroll Policy Settings and click the “Settings” button. 
3. Set the pay day and click the “OK” button. 
4. In Attendance Policy, set Accepted Clock-in/Clock-out Times and Break Times (Yes or No) and click the “Next” button. 
5. Check the calculation details and click the “OK” button. 
6. Check the “Your workplace Payroll Policy has been set up.” message and click “OK. 

※ To edit your workplace Payroll Policy settings, go to Workplace Info Settings on your Admin app.