If my Albam device runs out of battery, what should I do?

August 13, 2018 in

Please kindly contact our customer service before you run out of batteries. We will replace your old Albam device with a new Albam device that is set in accordance with your company’s settings. For Albam Time & Attendance Plus and Payroll Automator users, we will provide you with a free replacement of your Albam device without any charge. *However, if you are using Albam’s Time & Attendance free plan, costs would be incurred for replacing and shipping the Albam device.

Should I need the Albam device mandatorily?

May 17, 2018 in

Employee Can Clock in/ out with Wi-Fi. Also, if you want, don’t use anything. Despite that you can use the service with no Wi-fi nor Albam device, we highly recommend you the Albam device for the most precise locational information of your employees’ clock in/out

Can I manage the service in multiple workplaces?

April 25, 2018 in

Yes. You can manage multiple workplaces as long as the administrator has the access to all those places or the user is registered as the owner of each store. However, when you add a workplace, service charge policy may change. Contact the Albam Customer Center ( to get more details and help.

I have just received my beacon device; must I insert a new battery?

April 25, 2018 in

Your beacon device is delivered ready to use in your workplace, and with a battery. To use your beacon, you only have to deploy the beacon in the desired location without having to replace any battery. ※ Please note that, if the battery has been removed or the battery cover is open, the settings registered for your workplace may be erased.

I accidentally pressed the “Reset” button

April 25, 2018 in

If you press “Reset” on the back of your beacon device, the settings registered for your workplace may be erased, which may cause malfunction. For detailed information on the Reset button, please contact the Albam Customer Center (