A minimum wage is the lowest amount that can be legally paid to an employee by an employer either per hour, day, or month in a particular state/province or country. This definition does not apply to the maximum limit that can be paid to an employee, and it sets the ground rules for payment being that an employer cannot pay less than the legal minimum wage required.

Minimum wage 2018 in the Netherlands

Wages in the Netherlands increased from 1 January 2018, with workers aged 22 or over entitled to a minimum of €1,578 per month. This represents a €13 increase from the €1,565.40 recorded in July 2017. According to figures from Eurostat, the Dutch minimum wage is the third best in the EU, outstripped only by Luxembourg (€1,999) and Ireland (€1,613).

In the Netherlands, you can’t actually define the standard minimum wage assigned to all sectors and industries. The reason for this is that it is believed that various jobs have different natures of practice and different hours applicable to each of them. This is also the reason why the Netherlands doesn’t have a minimum wage rate per hour. In summary, it is important to note that the no laws are governing a GENERAL minimum wage rate, but there are laws for different age groups and working hours. Please be sure to note the difference on their government website.




Though the most commonly accepted minimum wage rate is the one paid to workers whose age start from 22 years and above and who work for 40 hours per week. The minimum wage for this group is €1578 ($1831.87) per month, €364.15 ($422.73) per week, €72.83 ($84.55) per day and €9.11 ($10.58) per hour. Other working hours and their minimum wage per hour include; those who work for 36 hours and 38 hours receive a minimum wage of €10.12 ($11.75) and €9.59 ($11.13) respectively.

There is no standard minimum wage for part-time workers, but you can evaluate your wage by dividing 40 hours (the standard working week hour) by its minimum wage per hour which is €9.11 ($10.58) then multiply it by the number of hours you work. This applies to interns and apprentices. Also, note that the fewer hours of work, the higher the minimum wage.





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