OTR – How to use and Useful Tips

May 27, 2019 in OTR

OTR is a simple app with a simple function. Nevertheless, there are a few tips to make the best use out of it. Below we have summarized some of the tips which you can actually apply to make the full use of your OTR app. TIP 1. Don’t turn off the notification setting in OTR. The app can send you the notifications as long as you don’t turn off the setting in your smartphone. This is quite important as OTR sends them when the conversion is completed. To download the converted files right away, it is important to keep the right setting…

OTR case study: Sam, a small bakery shop owner that uses OTR

May 23, 2019 in OTR

How a simple OTR can save Sam, an owner of a small bakery shop from so much pain. This is the story of Sam. One of our customers who have downloaded and tried out our OTR app. To start with, Sam is an owner of a bakery cafe. He started the business by himself as a tiny bakery. With time, the store has now expanded and is currently employing 15 people. It has also expanded its business from just a bakery shop to a cafe as well. Eventually with the ever expanding number of employees, Sam then purchased a time punching machine…

OTR – Useful for both Managers and Employees

May 23, 2019 in OTR

OTR can be most widely used in businesses that needs to process paper timecards in high quantities. From personal usage, business to government institutions. Even those who doesn’t have any prior IT knowledge would be able to use the app. Without having to go through any complicated training sessions, users would be able to upload their timecards within a few clicks. Innovation is a top priority for many businesses. However, on one hand, resources are usually limited. Many businesses lack of the capacity to invest in new technologies that will help them with their businesses. This is why OTR is…

The types of timecard that can be handled by OTR

May 23, 2019 in OTR

Whether it’s a daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly timecard, be assured that nothing will change. Our smart OTR recognizes all sorts of paper timecards, and would convert them to digitalized file in Excel. In addition, with the help our typists, no matter how much data is written in the paper time punch cards, OTR would ensure that not even a single character would be out of place. We also understand that there are many variables within a timecard. From calculation of overtime hours, lunch breaks to payment. As long as the information are inside the paper, then be assured that…

OTR – The convenience of converting files with smartphone

May 23, 2019 in OTR

Transform the way you convert your data with your everyday smart phone. No trick no magic, just pure technology. Our OTR app is designed with in-built algorithms that analyzes and extracts information with verified accuracy. Furthermore, OTR team always checks the created files and confirms them once more to increase the reliability. Once you have taken a picture of your paper timecard and uploaded it in the app, there will be a certain process of conversion taking place from OTR’s side. The technology of OTR converts the image automatically into a digital file which actually can be downloaded directly. However,…

OTR – Don’t work hard, work smart

May 23, 2019 in OTR

Don’t work hard, work smart. Perhaps this would be the right slogan that would best fit today’s corporate culture. We should always strive to accomplish the same or more without working harder. This is how we can be efficient. As a human we have a certain limitation on how far we can actually go with work. Scientifically our brains normally are capable of remaining focused for about 90 minutes. And then you need a break for at least 15 minutes, before it can return back to its normal state.  In a world where work efficiency and costs are the priority, working…

OTR – A new way to save time

May 23, 2019 in OTR

OTR is for those who have stacked hundreds or even thousands of physical time punch cards. The pain of having to manually search for a specific date or an employee within layers of paper timecards is beyond understanding. Not to mention the struggle of typing numbers into computers for automatic pay calculation. With OTR, this would be history. Upload the timecards in pictures and get them in Excel. As computer files, downloaded ones will be able to be viewed and edited. Excel contains an internal search function and calculating function. Search function would let you easily search for a certain…

OTR – What can it substitute?

May 23, 2019 in OTR

OCR also known as Optical Character Recognition has played an important role in transforming raw data into digital files. Once transformed, this information would be accessible and shareable to more people. The technology Character Recognition itself comes in different types of varieties. From picture to character, speech to text and even vice-versa.  With the same function that a human eye usually carries, OCR recognizes the shapes of the different alphabets, numbers and characters that are found inside of a picture. Unlike our eyes which could get tired, an OCR based technology will never lose its power. Today OCR has been…

OTR – Join our Refer a friend program

May 23, 2019 in OTR

Want to get more OTR(Optical timecard recognizer) slots? You are a click away from getting your tangible timecards converted to Excel. By sharing our OTR app through either SMS and your Social media channel, you would be entitled to our expandable free slots. Get extra space with the least effort possible with our “Refer a friend” program. Not only will you save yourself from some time of manual inputting, but you will also help relieve your friends’ burden from the repetitive hassle of inputting timecard data manually again and again. OTR will help you to convert as many timesheet documents…

What OTR provides to its users

May 23, 2019 in OTR

OTR(Optical Timecard Recognition) is a simple app with a simple function. Not many things can be provided by this simple app it seems, but you never know what’s inside until you open the box. OTR is an app that you can download freely in Google Play. Images of timecards can be uploaded in slots within the app, and these are also provided freely. 5 slots are given first, and when these are all used, this paper timecard converter smartly shows the notification on how to open more slots without any costs Through the function of itself, OTR provides extra help…

Reasons to use OTR, the Timecard converter

May 23, 2019 in OTR

OTR is a simple app with a simple function. Due to this, it may be overlooked by some people. But remember, usually its the small and simple things that truly counts.  The function of OTR might seem a little too simple. With its main function, still limited to only converting paper timecards into Excel files only. However if you actually look at it. This simple job actually takes quite an amount of time and energy in an employee’s everyday routine. As a matter of fact, one survey done in the UK showed that office works spent 636.6 hours a year…

Remarks when using OTR, the Timecard converter

May 23, 2019 in OTR

OTR is a simple app with a simple function. Nevertheless, there are few remarks to consider when using the app. The first thing will be to take a good picture of a timecard. OTR supports a recognition view during the photo shoot within the app. But since there are so many types of timecards in the world. There is a slight chance for the app to fail for recognition. At this point, it is always possible for the users to use the uploading function of OTR. Images in the gallery can be selected for upload, and through this, every type…

What OTR, the Timecard converter, can change

May 23, 2019 in OTR

OTR is a simple app with a simple function. It converts uploaded paper timecard images into Excel files for more effective workflow of its users. However, for paper time punch card users, this function of OTR can change, with a little exaggeration, their whole worlds. The total amount of time spent in organizing and creating digital files of paper timecards can change. The more the timecards, the bigger the change. The workflow of the users can change. As the digital files of employees’ attendance records are already made by OTR, the users can skip to calculation and management of records…

Benefits of using OTR, the Timecard converter

May 23, 2019 in OTR

With no argument, OTR(Optical Timecard Recognition) is a simple app with a simple function. However, the result of using it is much bigger and greater than what it can do. Converting paper timecards into digital files is quite laborious work. Repeatedly typing similar numbers again and again for God knows how long into a computer every month is not something that everyone enjoys to do. The benefits of using OTR can be enjoyed at this point. OTR converts paper timecards into Excel files. The main benefit of this is that the entire work of conversion is no longer required by…

OTR – When and where can it be used?

May 22, 2019 in OTR

OTR(Optical Timecard Recognition) is an app specially made only for paper timecards. The app uses OCR technology for text extraction, but it is definitely not an OCR app. Many people searching for OCR function in OTR will unfortunately be disappointed There are many OCR apps out there in the world, but OTR is definitely not one of them. OTR is an app made only for paper time punch card users. It is for those who are struggling in typing numbers of attendance records into their computers for further calculations. OTR can be used when its users are in a rush…

People that OTR, the Timecard converter, helps

May 22, 2019 in OTR

OTR(Optical Timecard Recognition) is a simple app with a simple function. It helps physical timecards users in converting their manual timesheet data directly into digital files. As OTR uses both technology and manpower, there is no timecard in the world that it can’t recognize. This makes this app reliable in helping and supporting anyone. Especially those who still uses paper time punch card method for attendance. Whenever there is someone who is using paper time punch card. There will always be a need to convert these stamped records into computer files. OTR helps this part of work and this also means…

Are files produced in OTR, the Timecard converter, reliable?

May 22, 2019 in OTR

It is a reasonable opinion for paper timecard users that technology and computers can’t work better than human hands and eyes at certain points. Maybe this could be one of many reasons that they use the manual time attendance method, no matter how others insist to change. This is why OTR(Optical Timecard Recognition) doesn’t always rely on computer technology, but also on humans. OTR uses text extraction, which is similar to what widely known as OCR. However, as computers are not always better than human beings. The files produced are always checked again by human assistants to ensure that no…

OTR , Functions of the Timecard converter

May 22, 2019 in OTR

It is true that the system used for attendance is changing these days. However, it is not always easy for everyone to change the attendance system due to many different reasons. OTR(Optical Timecard Recognition) focused on helping people who, no matter the reasons, use paper timecards as their attendance system today. The main function of this OTR is very simple. It exists for one function which is to convert the used paper timecards into Excel files. Records stamped in paper timecards need to be moved into computers for pay calculation. Many people using paper time punch cards still spend way…

OTR, the Timecard converter – How to use

May 22, 2019 in OTR
how to use

OTR(Optical Timecard Recognition) works in a quite simple way. Let’s learn how through steps below. STEP 1 Download the app in Google Play STEP 2 Create an account and select the language STEP 3 Take a picture of a timecard sing the app OR Upload an image of the timecard in the gallery STEP 4 Wait for a notification of completion STEP 5 Download the Excel file produced As you can see, it is a remarkably easy app to use with the minimum equipment. Moreover, it is a free app which will not cost you even a single cent. Download OTR…

Introduction of OTR, the Timecard converter

May 9, 2019 in OTR

Welcome to OTR ! It is such a pleasure to introduce OTR to you. So What is OTR? OTR, Optical Timecard Recognition, is the ultimate OCR app only for paper timesheet users in managing raw attendance records. The name might give you a hint in what OTR provides to its users. The function of OTR is for digitizing attendance records written and kept in paper timecards into Excel files. That is it, nothing more and nothing less. All you need to prepare is your Android smartphone and a timecard that you want to extract the information. Take a picture of a paper time…

Retaining the valuable employees and talent

April 24, 2019 in HR
retain employees

According to a survey conducted by Harvard Business School, the time required for newly joined mid-level managers to meet their break-even point in the company is 6.2 months. Not to mention the real cost, training a new employee is always costly. It is not 100% preventable, but the rate of losing the current employees and talent can be decreased and reduced. This content will be explaining about 3 ways to retain the valuable staffs of yours. 1. Provide feedback on regular basis Not only the positive ones, but also the negative ones can be highly encouraging. You might wonder when…

User guide: How to upload and manage my schedule in Albam

April 11, 2019 in User guide

This guide is for the managers and administrators who have registered a workplace and invited employees already. The next step of registrations is to set up the desired schedule and allocate corresponding employees according to it. Luckily, it is a proud function of Albam that setting the schedule is quite automatical. This article will help the Albam users with administrating permissions to make the best use of this automatic function. Setting the schedule, step by step Step 0 Before opening Albam for any upload, every manager or administrator should prepare the manual version of schedule used in the workplace as an…

Equal pay day: Will there be an end to a gender pay gap

April 11, 2019 in Education, HR
gender equality

Gender Pay Gap The term gender pay gap is the difference in earnings between woman and men make in the workplace. This pay inequality means that woman on average, makes less than men. Been voiced throughout the past 56 years by woman activist groups and celebrities worldwide, gender pay gap & inequality is real. The disparity in earnings between man and woman does exists and it’s an undeniable fact. As a matter of fact. You don’t need to see a sociologist to see that there is a prejudice in favor towards man. From hiring decisions, and structural barriers that make…

Buddy Punching, prevent it with Albam today

April 2, 2019 in HR, Time & Attendance
buddy punching

What is Buddy Punching? ‘Buddy Punching’ is clocking or punching in and out for a coworker while he or she is not actually working. Many employers and managers are still struggling to solve this problem in their offices and workplaces. It all starts as a good mean among many employees, but degeneration is almost always inevitable. Once or twice can be overlooked by some employers, but it almost always never ends within once or twice. Soon, many administrators realize that the cost caused by buddy punching is never negligible. In 2017, U.S. Bureau of Labor had even conducted a research…

User guide: How to download my Excel file in Albam

April 2, 2019 in User guide
web admin excel download

Is this your first time in Albam? If that’s the case. Do you know that Albam provides you with the functionality of being able to download your employees’ work records directly in excel. Well to get started, please make sure that you have first created a store in Albam & have invited your employees in Albam. Once they have clocked in and clocked out of their workplace. Then work records will be automatically created and after that you can proceed to download work records. To begin with, there are 2 methods on how you can download your employees’ work records in…

Millennials are shaping the corporate culture faster than ever

March 26, 2019 in Education, HR

  Have you ever had an employee responding to your email in a cute emoji or had one that asked you what a floppy disk is? If that’s the case, was that employee young? Perhaps below 30 years old?. Well as baby boomers make their exit from the workforce. Millennials and their younger counterparts, generation Z would be quickly occupying more than half of the workforce by 2020. Born in a totally different Era and having a different set of values. This new generation is constantly challenging conventional thinking about what a modern workplace should be. Love them or hate…

De-stress with scientific and rational methods (For SMBs owners)

March 22, 2019 in Education

The benefit of being your own boss, having your own flexible time and reaping the rewards of your hard work can make the idea of being an entrepreneur highly attractive. However nothing in life comes without a price. According to the 2017 Spring small business owners report. 41% reports that managing their own business is their top personal source of stress. A similar study made by the American psychological association also cited work as the 2nd largest contributing factor that led to stress. With money as the factor that only ranked higher. Though running a business can at times be…

Upah Minimum Pegawai untuk tahun 2019

March 18, 2019 in HR, Indonesia, Payroll

UMP atau yang biasa lebih sering dikenal dengan Upah Minimum Pekerja merupakan suatu standard minimum yang digunakan oleh para perusahaan untuk menetapkan besarnya upah yang akan diberikan kepada para pekerjanya. Tujuan utama dalam naiknya UMRP adalah simpel. Yaitu untuk meningkatkan penghasilan dan kesejahteraan hidup yang layak bagi karyawan dan keluarganya. Kenaikan UMP sendiri memperhatikan banyak variable dalam keputusannya. Dari tingkat inflasi nasional, pertumbuhan produk domestik bruto, dan kenaikan harga dari beberapa komponen kebutuhan hidup yang telah di daftarkan dalam komponen KHL. Kenaikan dan Daftar UMP Daerah untuk 2019 Mengacu pada surat Surat Edaran Kementerian Ketenagakerjaan Nomor B.240/M-NAKER-PHI9SK-UPAH/X/2018 yang telah berlaku resmi…

Software Absensi Karyawan gratis untuk UMKM, Albam

March 11, 2019 in HR, Indonesia, Time & Attendance
albam indonesia

Apakah anda perusahaan yang masih berstatus sebagai UMKM atau perusahaan yang sedang berkembang untuk menjadi perusahaan besar. Bila iya, maka tidak bisa di pungkiri bahwa menjaga efisiensi keuangan perusahaan adalah prioritas nomor satu anda. Tetapi untuk bisa dapat berkerja secara maksimal, perusahaan musti selalu menggunakan dan mengadopsi teknologi terbaru. Tetapi seperti yang anda ketahui, pengadopsian dan penggunaan teknologi seperti ini rata2 mengeluarkan biaya baik pada saat peng adopsian, pengoperasian dan perawatannya. Biaya yang tentu tidak bisa disebut sedikit untuk perusahaan kecil atau menengah. Karena dari itu, untuk berhemat, dalam sehari hari banyak perusahaan UMKM yang masih mengandalkan metode2 kuno dalam…

Payroll mistakes that your SMBs must avoid

March 7, 2019 in HR, Payroll

According to Investopedia, the term payroll refers to “The sum total of all compensation a business must pay to its employees for a set period of time or on a given date”. Usually payroll is managed by the HR or accounting department of the company. But what is the case for SMBs? Well for SMBs they are usually handled directly by the owner or an associate in the company. SMBs faces a particularly daunting challenge when it comes to payroll. With only a few employees who is running the business, and with them taking up different roles that are available….

Human Resource: The employee records that you need to keep

February 18, 2019 in HR
employment details

As a Human Resource associate you have probably known that having tons of paperwork to keep and work on is a daily thing. Though things have now changed, and now data is being automated. Still, the principle of Human Resource still remains the same. And it basically revolves around making and keeping employees’ records. As data is continuously being produced. The next question that usually comes would be, which one should i keep? And how long must be it stored? Well to begin with. As a human resource associate you should make sure that any personal information that you keep…

Understanding the different types of Timesheet

February 15, 2019 in HR, Time & Attendance

What is a Timesheet? A simple thing but very important to companies. A timesheet helps you track the record of the amount of time an employee has spent at the office (time & attendance). It usually comes in the forms of a simple table that both employers and employee can use to keep track of the number of hours worked. Be it on their job, project, or working for a specific task. In the past, this information is recorded on paper. But with the advancement of technology, it is now a norm for a timesheet to be digitalized and stored…

HR Resolutions that your HR team should make in 2019

February 8, 2019 in HR, Time & Attendance
new year

The beginning of the year is always the best period to make new resolutions. It offers a fresh start for everyone. Be it for individuals or business alike. One can always learn and review from their experience in the past year. And seek on how they can improve in the year ahead. As companies are facing increased competition. HR transformation is an on-going process that must be undergone to make sure that companies are always ahead of the game. By starting 2019 with clear goals. HR departments can make sure that they don’t repeat the same mistake & retain the…

Robotic Process Automation: Redefining Collaboration in HR

November 21, 2018 in HR, Payroll, Time & Attendance
robotic process automation

The growth of Robotic Process Automation RPA also known as Robotic Process Automation has grown explosively in the past 2 years. In 2017, the global volume of RPA was at 1.3 million USD. By 2020, it is forecasted to reach a whooping 5 billion USD. This would mean that RPA will take over 41% of the back office processes, and it would increase up to 53% within 10 years. Even according to a study by A.T Kearney and Arvato “The impact of RPA on finance back-office processes”. RPA would be the catalyst that led to drastic changes in many areas…

Robotic Process Automation in Human Resources

November 14, 2018 in HR, Payroll, Time & Attendance

Robotic Process Automation in Human Resource: The most practical solution The work of every Human Resource personnel begins when a position within the organization needs to be filled. This means placing job posts, interviewing applicants, evaluating them and eventually giving the job offers to the right applicant. Well, in Human Resources, the recruiting and on boarding process is just the beginning. Bringing employees in is the next step. And it usually involves a huge investment in time due to the large amounts of paperworks and management. At times this can be tedious, tiring and repetitive for both the HR department…

Time Shift schedule rules in Indonesia

November 1, 2018 in HR, Indonesia, Payroll, Time & Attendance
timesheet rules in Indonesia

Are you a foreign company in Indonesia that is trying to implement a Time Shift working system in Indonesia? Well here we have complied a few things that you must take note. Though most companies in Indonesia apply full-time working hours. That usually starts from 08:00 to 17:00 for Monday-Friday or 08: 00-16: 00 Monday-Saturday. In Industries where businesses need to operate for long hours, such as shopping centre do apply time shift. Law no. 13 of 2003 concerning Manpower regulate companies who applied time shift. Maximum Time Shift Work of 8 Hours a Day Basically, the working time duration that…

Indonesia’s Payroll System – Sanctions on late payment of salaries

October 29, 2018 in HR, Indonesia, Payroll
indonesia payroll

Understanding Indonesia’s Payroll System Provided that the employees have worked hard and diligently. All companies must fulfill the rights of their employees. One of the main obligation of employers to employees is salary payment. A salary payment includes benefits such as the health insurance of BPJS. As well as reimbursing its employees for any expenses, and giving payment slips for proof of salaries. The problem is, sometimes there are some companies that do not pay employees’ salaries on time. This behavior, if repeatedly done, may impact the financial condition of the employees. The law protects employees rights on their salary…

Indonesia’s labor – Understanding the country’s working hours

October 23, 2018 in Education, HR, Indonesia, Time & Attendance
indonesia's labor law

Indonesia’s labor working hours As we all know, all rights and by laws. A good employee shall contribute his/her best towards the well being of the company. As an employee, we all can do this. By woking diligently everyday when we arrive to the office every single day. But as humans we all have both physical and mental limitations upon doing any activities. And this is why, the Indonesian local government has set up a certain law for working hours. So what is the Indonesia’s Labor Working Hours based on Indonesian’s Ministry of Manpower? To protect workers and the rights…

Digital nomads, the evolving force in Human Resource

October 19, 2018 in Education, HR, Time & Attendance
digital nomads

Digital nomads, they are everywhere. Well perhaps I am one of them? Whether it’d be sunbathing under the scorching sun of Bali, sitting in a bar under the bright lights of Tokyo, a cup of coffee in one of New York’s co-working space, or picnic in the middle of Paris, wherever they are, that’s where Digital Nomads work. With the development of IoT, the term of Digital Nomads in Human Resources is becoming more popular. Traits of a Digital Nomad in today’s Human Resource Carrying a laptop or smartphone, digital nomads in Human Resource dictionary are those people who works remotely. Largely dominated by the millennial…

Time attendance is your pain point ? We can feel you

October 19, 2018 in Education, HR, Time & Attendance

We feel your pain, as we have been there before too. No more pain points with Albam’s Time Attendance Solution Before our CEO Jinyong Kim started Albam. The founder of Blue-Night Corporation had his idea of a perfect Time Attendance solution developed when he was managing a pub for himself a few years ago. As a business owner himself. Our founder understands the trouble and time that is needed to solve the different types of pain points that are faced by business owners. From not being able to check attendances remotely, missing attendances information due to manual inputs and a…

How to Avoid Minimum Wage Violations

October 18, 2018 in HR, Payroll
minimum wage violations

Nearly a decade since the last increase of Minimum Wage Here’s what you need to understand The last minimum wage was raised in 2007. A time when the US economy was on the verge of economic recession. It generated a lot of reactions internally, politically and economically. As politicians, analysts and media scramble around to speculate on the viability of Washington’s choice in increasing the minimum wage. Especially on its short, medium and long term effects on labor market. For most companies,the decision to increase the minimum wage from $5.15 to $7.25 was a huge burden. With some analysts like Jeffrey…

McGregor earns a Minimum’s Wage Annual Salary in half a Second

October 17, 2018 in HR, Payroll, Time & Attendance

50 million dollars in one match for UFC star McGregor Nearly 2 weeks ago, the Martial Arts community tuned in to watch the UFC’s most hyped match of the history. The UFC championship bout. Between the undefeated current champion Khabib Nurmagomedov and former lightweight champion Connor McGregor was perhaps UFC’s greatest fight. The much anticipated fight of the year set the record for the largest pay-per-view event in MMA history, having generated approximately 2.5 million buys in the US itself. Therefore giving the biggest UFC paycheck of $50 million dollars for the UFC star in his career. But it was…

Minimum wage and the rise of Automation

October 12, 2018 in HR, Payroll, Time & Attendance

Minimum Wage and the rise of Automation Minimum wage changing the game “Hi, Can I help you?” asks a crew wearing a red uniform behind the counter. After 60 seconds of receiving the customer’s order. A Big mac meal and a corn pie is out. Once the order is served, the crew smiles and caters to the next customer. For McDonalds, where the serving area is usually occupied and staffs are usually busy. Efficiency and speed in management is a necessary method to keep them profitable. That’s the McDonald way of doing business. But gone are the days of cashiers asking…

Amazon’s $15 minimum wage is a wake up call to other retailers

October 11, 2018 in HR, Payroll

Amazon’s Minimum Wage $15 a must, not an option Amazon’s move to increase its Minimum wage of $15/hour comes at a time as U.S unemployment rate are near record lows of 3.7% by September 2018.  The tight labor market. Followed by a high turnover rates on the Industry. It has given employers a difficult time in finding extra manpower around the up coming holiday season. Add that up with projections for record-breaking holiday total retail sales of $1.10 trillion . It makes definite sense for Amazon to increase its minimum wage. Especially during a time as it prepares to hire 100,000 temporary…

Why do we offer a free lifetime Time Attendance Solution?

October 5, 2018 in HR
free solution

Time attendance – Your pain point is our pain point. Before our CEO Jinyong Kim started Albam. The founder of Blue-Night Corporation had his idea of a perfect Time Attendance solution developed when he was managing a pub for himself a few years ago. As a business owner himself. Our founder understands the trouble and time that is needed to solve the different types of pain points that are faced by business owners. From not being able to check attendances remotely, missing attendances information due to manual inputs and a tons of other pain points. This have all led to…

How do I save on labor costs? HR & Time Tracking Tips

September 28, 2018 in HR, Time & Attendance

The correlation between labor costs and profit margins In today’s competitive market, increasing sales revenue might seems to be the only viable way that can increase profit margin. But as we all know, at times, one’s business revenue might be much affected by various external factors. Therefore most business owners strive to find another way to control their profit margins. This is why most business owners then turn internally to control their labor costs, from time tracking to payroll. For most business owners, managing labor costs is probably one of the most important and difficult aspect in running any business….

Can I trust my HR SaaS Cloud provider with my data

August 30, 2018 in HR, Payroll, Time & Attendance
cloud service

As you are reading this in your web browser, either through mobile or desktop. You are probably quite familiar with the term of Cloud computing in Human Resource itself. We believe that everyone at some point might have used Cloud on the Internet itself. If you have used services from Internet tech giants like Gmail, Dropbox, Amazon and other IOT companies. Then for sure, directly or indirectly, you have used cloud. In order to begin, let’s first understand what cloud is.   What is Cloud Computing? In Simple terms “Cloud is a way to store Information and services on the…

Cloud computing in Human Resource – How it will transform HR Practices

August 30, 2018 in HR, Payroll, Time & Attendance

According to Oxford learners dictionaries, Human Resource refers to a department in a company that deals with employing and training people. A few years ago, before the breakthrough of Cloud computing, the role of Human Resource in any companies seems to follow the same flows and patterns in their operations. The topics were; recruitment, administration, issuing of contracts, employees’ operations and disciplinary work. Though each companies have different sets of rules, culture and ways of operations. All HR models in the past operates on a single common ground. They all were based on a regional operating model. With each company’s…

Albam Time Clockがどのようにしてあなたのお金と時間を節約するか。

August 21, 2018 in HR, Time & Attendance

Albam Time Clockは最高の従業員タイムトラッカー(勤務時間追跡機能)を提供します。 これが理由です。 なぜAlbam Time Clockが必要なのか? それは時間とお金を節約できるからです。 従業員のタイムカードをどのように管理していますか?従業員は出勤、退出時間をどうやって刻印していますか?どのようにして従業員の勤務時間追跡または勤務時間を記録していますか?その方法は正確ですか?あなたの従業員が出勤時間を正直に報告していると信じることができますか?あなたはどの様にして従業員に目を配っていますか? 多くの企業では、1枚の紙に書かれた出席記録のような旧式のスタイル等のさまざまな方法で記録しており、従業員は外へ出る仕事や休憩のために仕事場を出入り口する際、口頭で伝えています。最近ではタイムレコーダーと、指紋認識装置が最も一般的に使用されていました。 しかし、あなたはその機能に満足していますか?問題を分類してビジネス上の意思決定を行うレポートにデータの変換を効率的にできていますか?これらのメソッドは、給与計算を自動的に簡単に計算してくれますか?私は今でも一つずつ手作業で管理してる方は少なくないと思っています。 Albamを使えば手動で処理していたすべての面倒な勤務時間記録と給与計算を行う手間を省くことができます。下の表を参照してください。 上記の表から、Albam給与計算ソフトは旧式のスタイルよりも効率的なのが一目瞭然です。 1.あなたのお金を節約できます。 – 無料のデバイス、ビーコンを提供します。 タイムレコーダーや指紋認識マシンに比べ、Albamデバイス、ビーコン、モバイルアプリは購入する必要がなく費用はかかりません。タイムレコーダーはカードを購入する必要がありますが、Albamなら一切購入する必要がありません。さらに、紙を使用しませんので環境にも優しいです。しかし、必要な機能の種類によっては、あなたの職場をより便利に管理するために、優良サービスもご用意しています。 Albamが提供するサービスをご確認ください。 2.時間を節約できます。 – 片手一つでリアルタイムチェック。 Albamでは、従業員用タイムトラッカーは従業員の記録を保存でき、いつでも監視することができます。他の2台のマシンに比べて、多くの時間を節約できます。タイムレコーダーでは、すべての紙を集め、日付、時間、時間、分を含むすべてのデータを入力し、時間当たりの賃金を計算する必要があります。指紋検出器を使用すると、タイムレコーダーよりも簡単になる場合がありますが、Albamと同じくらい頻繁にデータをチェックすることはできません。 Albamは片手で持ち運びできる勤務時間管理アプリなので、ダウンロードする代わりに最新のアップデートを確認することができます。 3.データセキュリティ保証。Albamは出席記録も保存できます。 勤務時間追跡のデータの記録はすべてAlbamに保存されています。旧式のタイムレコーダーと比較すると、Albamははるかに信頼性が高く安全です。出席記録のハードコピーを紛失したり、カードが破損したり、誤った順序で混在させたりするリスクはありません。 4.不正行為を減らす。 パンチクロックマシンと指紋認識装置を使用した場合、従業員が出席を偽るリスクは非常に高くなります。他の従業員は、仕事場にいない人を出勤したかの様に装うことができます。カードを見つけ出し、任意の時間にパンチすることができます。これは指紋認証と同じです。 他の従業員の指紋を自分の指紋と一緒に登録することができてしまいます。Albamタイムトラッカーはこれらのリスクをすべて防ぎます。従業員は、タイムトラッカーデバイスであるビーコンが配置されている境界内でのみ、出勤、退出の記録ができます。他の従業員が代わりに半日しか出勤していないまたは欠席した人と一緒にログインし、時間トラッカーを偽装しようとした場合はどうなるか?心配する必要はありません!管理者は、その従業員が別の携帯電話でログインした旨の通知を受信することができます。 5.正確さ Albamは時間を時間と分で時間単位と月単位で計算する際の人為的ミスの割合を減らします。すべてのタイムクロックの数をカウントし、給与計算結果をはるかに早く出すことができます。リアルタイム通知で従業員の出席状況を把握できるので、何が起きているかを直接監視することができます。ですから何かおかしいなと思えば、すぐに問題解決することができます。したがって、保存されている正しいデータは、最終的にはより正確さが増します。従業員の勤務時間と給与計算を管理する、より革新的で便利なツールをぜひお試しください。   Albam タイムトラッカーと給与自動計算で時間を節約しましょう。 Albam タイムクロック ソフトウェアで人事管理スキルのレベルをアップさせましょう。

Minimum wage 2018 in the Netherlands

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A minimum wage is the lowest amount that can be legally paid to an employee by an employer either per hour, day, or month in a particular state/province or country. This definition does not apply to the maximum limit that can be paid to an employee, and it sets the ground rules for payment being that an employer cannot pay less than the legal minimum wage required. Minimum wage 2018 in the Netherlands Wages in the Netherlands increased from 1 January 2018, with workers aged 22 or over entitled to a minimum of €1,578 per month. This represents a €13…

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A minimum wage is the lowest amount that can be legally paid to an employee by an employer either per hour, day, or month in a particular state/province or country. This definition does not apply to the maximum limit that can be paid to an employee, it sets the ground rules for payment being that an employer cannot pay less than the legal minimum wage required. Or in another context, it could be said to be the lowest amount that is collectively negotiated by trade unions and/or social partners to be paid to employees in different job sectors usually recognized…

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The Minimum Wage Act is an Act of Parliament concerning Indian 1st law that sets the minimum wage that must be paid to skilled and unskilled labors. However, to keep in mind an industry’s capacity to pay the constitution has defined a ‘fair wage.’ , Minimum wage is a payment, or among which is given to the employees/workers for the work(job) they have done. It is given according to the working condition/experience and type of work. The minimum wage is generally calculated on the basis of the number of ho. It can either be paid on a daily basis after the completion of work or…

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A champion among the essential business decisions you’ll make this year is the way you will deal with your finance. In case you’re running investment without anyone else, you’re most likely agonizingly acquainted with paper time cards, Excel spreadsheets, and extended periods of time spent before your PC, doing the math and rectifying mistakes. The company should make the payroll for the employees, payroll process automation is also used for this purpose, and payroll calculator calculates the employee’s payroll. While driving the finance transport solo offers more control, there are a few difficulties you’ll look in 2018 if you choose to precede…

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Introduction The employment policies belonging to unorganized workers and wages paid to them has been a subject of considerable discussion among union leaders and labor experts. While minimum wages legislation has to be in large extent for being effective in providing protection to employees in the organized sector, with periodic implements according to need for that country. Indonesia has legislation for minimum wage (MW) as regulated under Labour Law Act No. 13 Year 2003 article No. 88,89 and 90. However, there is new Government Regulation No. 8 of 1981 regarding protection of wages. Indonesia is on 7th ranking for having…

5 Reasons You Need An Employee Time Clock

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Using an employee time clock (also known as time tracker) is one of the effective ways of getting tasks done with no financial loss or overtime. In addition, the time clock is an efficient way of managing project time in order to produce the utmost results. In a working environment, there are good reasons to track work-related activities and personal strengths in time management. On that end, it is crucial to outline the advantages every employee will get while tracking their activities at work. In this article, therefore, I will provide you with 5 compelling reasons that will encourage employees…

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The lowest pay permitted by law in the United States is set by US work law and scope of state and nearby laws. Bosses, for the most part, need to pay specialists the most elevated the lowest pay permitted by statute endorsed by the government, state, and neighborhood law. Since July 24, 2009, the central government has ordered an across the national minimum wage permitted by the bill of $7.25 every hour. In Jan 2018, there were 29 famous states with the lowest wage permitted by the law higher than the government at least. From 2017 to 2018, eight states…

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 Advice That You Must Listen Before Studying Sick Leave and Absence Should Be Separate for employees. Assembling a fleeting affliction nonappearance approach can be a standout amongst the most overwhelming errands an HR expert can confront. We make you stride by venture through what an average here and now affliction the appearance arrangement ought to contain. 1. Illuminate the fleeting infection nonappearance approach’s motivation and degree. Managers ought to present their temporary disorder nonappearance arrangement by emphasizing the requirement for harmony between: • The veritable need for representatives to require some investment off work gave sick wellbeing; and • The need…

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  Interview Techniques you need when you Hire New Employees. Finding the best possible employees for your team when it comes to work is not an easy task at all. Job interview is actually one of the sensitive part of the jobs you need to go through when running a any type of business. Resumes aren’t the only things you need to consider. You have to put your time and effort when hiring new employees. You need to meet them in person and figure out whether they’re suitable for the task. Sometimes most importantly you need to know if they’re…

One Essential Fact Leaders often Forget

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Earn Faith from your Employees Pay attention to what kind of people they are, Talk to them and Treat them Right. Create better relationship than just work. Great managers would have employees follow without conflicts. It doesn’t mean that you’re forcing them to do what you order. All leaders need to know that they need to communicate with their employees more often in a proper manner. Yes, the boss and the employees are in a relationship with a written paper in between. However, it doesn’t mean you can treat them like vending machines that gives you what you need with…

What is Pay Stub, Pay Slip, or Paycheck Stub?

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Pay Stub, Pay Slip, and Paycheck Stub. They all mean the same thing. When an employer pays their employees, the staffs should receive a document called either Pay Stub (also called as Pay Slip or Paycheck Stub). It displays the details of the calculations applied to the paycheck. Details including how much salary an employee gets paid and what type of taxes have been applied to their wage. The information will generally include details that has been applied to the employees’ salary like how tax is taken out, gross pay, net pay, benefit deductions or contributions. An employee will receive pay…

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  Comparison between an Employee and a Contractor Are you aware of the difference between employees and contractors? It’s a trick quiz to solve. Actually, many businesses owners don’t get it right. So let me tell you the right answer. Usually, employees are more dependent on their company compared to contractors, while contractors usually don’t rely on the company they work for. Rather, the contractors get their own tools and resources when working. Besides, they usually focus on finishing the job by the due date, not being on time at the set workplace or location. If you Misclassify Employees as Contractors……

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Are you managing your company with a Fair Attendance Policy? Keeping a fair attendance policy will give more benefits than you think to everyone in the workplace. If you’re dealing with even a hint of chaos when managing your staff, maybe you need to check up on your attendance policy. The key source that influences performance and behavior of an employee is not actually money, it’s peers. Try to adjust the method that is fairest to all employees working for your business in a flexible and sensible way. Fairness doesn’t mean that you give everyone the same, equal benefit. You need to focus…

How to Motivate your Employees

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Are your Employees Motivated?   How much do you know about motivation? Motivation is the cause that influences people’s actions and behaviors. There have been several theories on motivation at workplace, which all vary from time to time. But they all talk about satisfying employees needs in each and everyone’s situations. Why is Motivation Needed? Are you aware of how important it is to motivate your employees to improve your business? It’s probably more important than you think. It actually improves the quality and quantity of work. The employees are more likely to communicate better and the team work ethics will also develop….

How to File a Business Tax Extension

April 4, 2018 in Payroll
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Filing a Business Tax Extension Are you about to run behind tax deadline for your company? Before it hits the deadline and causes you a trouble, don’t forget to extend the due date. Let’s us guide you how to file a business tax extension. It’s easier than it sounds.     First, download the right form. For automatic extension if you have a Partnership, an LLC filling as a Partnership, a corporation (“C Corp”), or an S corporation (“S Corp”), download S Form 7004.  For individual tax returns and if you’re a sole proprietorship, download Form 4868. Find out what type your business your’e…

Tracking Time is Essential for all Employer and Salaried Employees

April 3, 2018 in HR, Time & Attendance
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Time Tracking is Essential for All Yes, not only for Employers, but even for Employees   Let’s be honest, most people are usually busy trying to take their own benefit than to offer it to others. Both the bosses and the workers need to have a system that makes the relationship fair. Employees usually consider time tracking is beneficial only to employers. They would often go, ‘urgh…’ and roll their eyes to more thorough time clock systems. Many staffs have the negative idea of tracking time, which it’s only beneficial to the boss to keep an extra eye. Yes, it…

How Albam Time Clock saves you Money and Time

April 3, 2018 in HR, Time & Attendance
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  Albam provides you the best employee time tracker available Here are the reasons. Why is Albam Time Clock needed? Because it saves time and money. How are you managing your employees’ timesheets? How do they clock in and out? What kind of employee time tracker or time clock are you currently using? Are the methods accurate enough? Can you trust that your employees are honest when reporting their attendance? How do you keep an eye on them? Many companies have been using different methods including the old-school styles like the attendance records written on a sheet of paper, orally…

Minimum wage in Australia 2018 and Reward

April 3, 2018 in HR, Payroll
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Minimum wage in Australia 2018 Are you in need of taking care of payroll as an administrator in Australia? Then you need to know that Australia follows the government-mandated minimum wage. Meaning, all employers in Australia should pay more than the mandatory minimum salary of pay. So what is Minimum wage?  It is the lowest amount of money employees have to be paid when they work. It is a national-wide minimum salary regulation. To mention other country shortly, in the United States, only 19 states follow the federal minimum wage and the other states have different minimum wages. (Click to see…

U.S. Minimum Wage by States – 2018 Jan

April 3, 2018 in HR, Payroll
US minimum wage

What is ‘minimum wage’? A minimum wage is the lowest remuneration that employers should legally pay their employees. It seems like the concept is simple, but there are two conflict opinions economically. The supporters of the minimum wage say that it can increase the standard of living of workers and reduce poverty, since the employees earn more money. In contrast, the opponents are saying that it may increase poverty and unemployment rate, because the employers could hesitate to hire more employees worrying about increasing labor cost. In spite of the conflict, the minimum wage has increased globally. Today we’ll check…

Start Adding your Employees to start Clock in/out at your workplace

March 27, 2018 in User guide
albam add employee

Don’t have employees to clock in/out in the list when you’re about to start managing time tracker? Add employees with us! We’ll help you out there! You need to add employees to start off with Albam time tracker so that your employees can start clock in and clock out from your workplace. Build more reliable relationship with your employees with  online timeclock, Albam. You can do this in two ways. Just stay on our user guide page 🙂 ONE by sending invitation to your staffs. TWO by accepting requests your employees sent. I’m a staff, how do I request my…

What is Beacon? How do I order ‘Beacon’?

March 26, 2018 in User guide
Albam beacon

What is Beacon? Why do I need it? Beacon will make it easier for you to keep an eye on your staffs. Albam recommend you to order Beacon because it will allow staffs to clock in who are within the boundary of the workplace by sending Bluetooth signals. Simply let your employees to turn on Bluetooth and when the phone reaches the signal, it will only allow the employees to clock in and out within the boundary.     Why do I need it to clock in and out? Without Beacon, any sneaky employee can clock in and out wherever…

How to add my workplace?

March 21, 2018 in User guide

The first step to use Albam, employee timesheet application, is to add workplace. If you decide to use Albam, maybe you’re an owner or a manager of a workplace who are looking for employee timesheet application. Add workplace is the first step, before register the employees and start managing employee timesheet or schedule. For those who are stuck adding a new workplace, now Albam will help you to add workplace you want to manage.   “Are you stuck adding a new workplace?”  First, press ” + New workplace” button a the top left corner at Albam administrator application.    …