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Digital nomads, the evolving force in Human Resource

Digital nomads, they are everywhere. Well perhaps I am one of them?

Whether it’d be sunbathing under the scorching sun of Bali, sitting in a bar under the bright lights of Tokyo, a cup of coffee in one of New York’s co-working space, or picnic in the middle of Paris, wherever they are, that’s where Digital Nomads work. With the development of IoT, the term of Digital Nomads in Human Resources is becoming more popular.



Traits of a Digital Nomad in today’s Human Resource


Carrying a laptop or smartphone, digital nomads in Human Resource dictionary are those people who works remotely. Largely dominated by the millennial generations, digital nomads prefer excitements in trying over new things than certainty. They move from one place to the other, be it a cafe, other cities or bars. With the development of the digital economy, the chances to earn income from the Digital Economy too is now appearing. That is the reason on why most digital nomads are working in Creative and IT based industries. It encompasses designers, writers, web developers, social media, photographers and consultants.


Digital Nomads


Moving around in Human Resource is becoming a lifestyle


Though the term digital nomads itself have not been much heard in some parts of the world. In developed countries such as the United States working remotely outside of the office is not something that is peculiar. As a matter of fact it has became a lifestyle. With the ever increasing costs of living in developed countries, a lot of South East Asian countries are now becoming a Hot-Spot for Digital Nomads. Cheaper living costs and various incentives that are provided by the government for FDI are those that promotes Digital nomads.

South East Asian countries with cheaper living costs like Indonesia & Vietnam have become a new heaven for them. Even now, countries like Thailand, had some visa policies like “Smart Visa”. The visa allows Digital nomads to work and stay in Thailand even without an official employment from a company. How cool is that?

Digital Nomads



Digital nomads, A change of Era

Along with the change of time, the definition of Office has changed. With an ever huge increasing number of companies opening its branches inside or outside of the country. And more IT companies hiring part timers and freelancers, the old definition of office has definitely widened. Now people don’t just clock into one office, as their roles widened, some departments like IT technicians and sales for example, clocked into different branches in different days as mobility is now a necessity.

Is your company ready to accommodate the need of flexibility of the current Human Resource trend? Are you by any means, still using manual ways of Time Attendance system to check on your employees’ attendance; be it through card, bulky fingerprint machines or card/paper absence. If you do, how do you calculate how long they have worked when they work remotely in another office/space? What happens when they lose their card? Or on the case of any force majeur events, would your data still be kept safe?

This is one of the main reason, why a lot of companies are now moving their Human Resource database into Cloud. With Albam’s Accurate Cloud Attendance System, you won’t have to worry about any loss of data when your device is gone, or complicated data inputting, as we simplify and secure them all into an easy, simple & readable database in our SSL secured Amazon Web Server.



Track your employee directly with Albam’s accurate Time Attendance System


With Albam’s patented accurate time attendance system, you would be able to notify your company, on when you have started working, and when you have finished working, wherever you are working. As disagreements and conflicts may arise on the number of hours & compensation that must be paid. Getting the accurate amount of payroll is important. Clock in and clock out anywhere, anytime, with Albam Time Attendance Solution !



The perfect system for your HR ecosystem


Time and Attendance has never been this easier



About Albam

Albam is an all in one Human Resource solution system that allows you to manage and centralize every aspect of your staffing needs. From attendance to automated payroll. Backed by cutting-edge cloud computing system, clock in anywhere and anytime to access, personalize and download your data.

Join more than 40,000 corporates that have trusted Albam in more than 20 countries worldwide now. Time attendance & Payroll management has never been this easier.

The Albam for Admin Android app and iOS app is now available for free. This isn’t a trial. Your free access to Albam Time & Attendance never expires.

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