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Cloud computing in Human Resource – How it will transform HR Practices

According to Oxford learners dictionaries, Human Resource refers to a department in a company that deals with employing and training people. A few years ago, before the breakthrough of Cloud computing, the role of Human Resource in any companies seems to follow the same flows and patterns in their operations. The topics were; recruitment, administration, issuing of contracts, employees’ operations and disciplinary work. Though each companies have different sets of rules, culture and ways of operations. All HR models in the past operates on a single common ground. They all were based on a regional operating model. With each company’s office having their own sets of Human Resource team.

Today’s Human Resource personnel basically want access to anything, anywhere and anytime.

With the ever changing technology that is rapidly shaping the world. We now live in a world that focuses itself on efficiency and speed. The internet has brought a whole lot of new innovations such as cloud technology which has revolutionized HR. With high adoption rate of mobile devices in almost everywhere. We are seeing more Human Resource personnels doing their basic Human Resource works outside of their core working hours. Human Resource executives now want live and accurate data right in the palm of their hands as they are out there sitting on a café with their friends, or even when they are out there on a holiday with their family.


Centralization of data is becoming imminent, and the old regional operating Human Resource model of the past has now shifted into a much more centralized operational model which is no longer limited by the barriers of distance and time. This saves costs as companies no longer need to employ as much HR staffs as before to monitor their staffs for each of their branch companies. In addition, with the implementation of cloud based technologies, a lot of human resource executives are now increasingly automating traditional Human Resource and employees’ management activities. By setting as much standardization as possible in their operations like Admins, Attendance management and Payroll. Both companies and Human Resource executives no longer waste their time on small matters, but can now instead turn their time and energy to move up on the value chain, which is to focus on the company’s growth and strategic decisions.


Cloud technology in Human Resource practices are giving endless benefits for not just the company, but to employees as well. Real time transfer of data has never been easier with cloud. Even leave applications & changes in working schedules requested by employees no longer requires explanations, as everything is exported through cloud. With automated and streamlined Human Resource practices becoming a common practice in today’s world, data mining would be the next “Gold” for both Human Resource & Companies’executives. In the right approach, employees data and insights can be used as a tool to derive strategies that would enable companies to optimize the efficiency and productivity of their workforce.



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