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Can I trust my HR SaaS Cloud provider with my data

As you are reading this in your web browser, either through mobile or desktop. You are probably quite familiar with the term of Cloud computing in Human Resource itself. We believe that everyone at some point might have used Cloud on the Internet itself. If you have used services from Internet tech giants like Gmail, Dropbox, Amazon and other IOT companies. Then for sure, directly or indirectly, you have used cloud. In order to begin, let’s first understand what cloud is.



What is Cloud Computing?

In Simple terms “Cloud is a way to store Information and services on the Internet” NYdaily news. In an age where businesses need to cut costs to stay competitive, sharing services seems to be the most viable way in getting things quickly and cost efficiently. This idea of sharing is the main foundation of Cloud Computing. For most HR departments, outsourcing services to Cloud based IT Companies, individuals and companies both saves time and money. In the past, companies need to build their own data centers, and these are not only expensive and time-consuming, but also a waste of IT & HR resources.



Security in Human Resource SaaS based Cloud Services.

As many HR Solution providers provide Cloud based services for its customers. The first question that always comes up to the mind is always the same thing. “Is my data in Cloud server safe?” Well the answer truly depends on which Cloud Providers are your HR SaaS provider are currently using. “Public and well known large Cloud providers for example, have security teams, systems and tools that are constantly monitored.” Forbes  These public Cloud Providers are usually certificated and are therefore a subject to regular audits from consulting firms that specializes in IT Security. Therefore knowing which cloud providers that your current HR SaaS provider is using is the 1st and foremost important step in guaranteeing your data’s security.

This is why Albam have trusted our server to Amazon Cloud Server. With full data encryption on SSL and more than 1,800 security controls that govern its services, Amazon Web Server’s security is no longer need to be questioned.” BBC . To add that up, we have also added another layers of SSL security that are provided by both Symantec and Comodo Wildcard. We use these 2 data security providers to ensure maximum protection for our users.

Secured data with Amazon Web Server


Data in Albam is encrypted from the beginning when it is on transit and when its kept on cloud servers. Our company also complies with all acts that are related to privacy, information and customer protection to ensure that your company’s data. All information is safe and secure with Albam’s Solution.


What is Albam?

Albam is an all in one Human Resource solution system that allows you to manage and centralize every aspect of your staffing needs. From attendance to automated payroll. Backed by cutting-edge cloud computing system, clock in anywhere and anytime to access, personalize and download your data. Visit to experience the next generation of automated Human Resource system for your business.

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