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People that OTR, the Timecard converter, helps




OTR(Optical Timecard Recognition) is a simple app with a simple function. It helps physical timecards users in converting their manual timesheet data directly into digital files.





As OTR uses both technology and manpower, there is no timecard in the world that it can’t recognize. This makes this app reliable in helping and supporting anyone. Especially those who still uses paper time punch card method for attendance.

Whenever there is someone who is using paper time punch card. There will always be a need to convert these stamped records into computer files. OTR helps this part of work and this also means that anyone having trouble in converting paper timecard records can be so called the ‘beneficiary’.

paper time card



That anyone can be an owner, a manager, a HR department employee or a Financial personnel. Anyone with tons of timecards to organize, but little time to do so will be the people that OTR helps.


Download now in Google Play and Upload timecard, Convert within 24 hours, Download Excel!

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