It is a reasonable opinion for paper timecard users that technology and computers can’t work better than human hands and eyes at certain points. Maybe this could be one of many reasons that they use the manual time attendance method, no matter how others insist to change.

This is why OTR(Optical Timecard Recognition) doesn’t always rely on computer technology, but also on humans.





OTR uses text extraction, which is similar to what widely known as OCR. However, as computers are not always better than human beings. The files produced are always checked again by human assistants to ensure that no wrong data and files are ever exported to our users. 


paper time card


Things that are not able to be read by extraction technology will be typed by our OTR typists. Nothing will be left undone when using this app, and nothing will be entirely processed by computers.

This is why paper time card users can now be well assured. That the OTR files that they download will be perfect. 


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