albam accountant program

New features of Albam Albam accountant program Are you busy at the end of the month? Try Accountant Permission! "I understand that they need to call and ask for data, but we are busy too.." "It's difficult to manage because our customers (not just one or two) take a photo of the handwritten data and send it." "It is very annoying that I have to calculate some of the data every time I send." "Every time there are changes. I have to continuously request for data. Both parties are wasting their time and productivity is falling." We understand your troubles. That's why we now provide "Albam Accountant Permission"! What is Albam Accountant Permission? Set by Workplace Admins, it is an exclusive permission that is given to accountants. Once granted, it provides accessibility to work/payroll records. For Both Managers and Accountants If you use Albam Accountant Permission? No more calls for data! Even if the manager does not care, the accountant can easily download the work history and salary to Excel! Efficient Data Management! Even if there are several workplaces, it is all right ~! Accountants can manage data efficiently in unified form! Always prepared for changes! As changes are saved in real time, you don't have to wait. Now take it directly from Albam and work with ease! Event Stand a chance of winning Albam USB! Upon usage of Accountant Permission. Target: "Paid customers" who invited an accountant Quantity: 100 by order of arrival Event end date: November 23 (bulk delivery) How to use Albam Accountant Permission! This function is solely available to customers who use Albam Time&Attendance PLUS or Albam Payroll Automator service. STEP 1 Invite an accountant by your Albam manager app or web admin service STEP 2 The accountant accesses the web admin service through invitation link and Sign up or Login! STEP 3 Upon login, he/she automatically joins the invited workplace. ※ Albam accountant permission is a new feature, so you need to update your app. Go to update