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5 Reasons You Need An Employee Time Clock


Using an employee time clock (also known as time tracker) is one of the effective ways of getting tasks done with no financial loss or overtime. In addition, the time clock is an efficient way of managing project time in order to produce the utmost results. In a working environment, there are good reasons to track work-related activities and personal strengths in time management. On that end, it is crucial to outline the advantages every employee will get while tracking their activities at work.
In this article, therefore, I will provide you with 5 compelling reasons that will encourage employees to start tracking the progress of any projects or tasks at work.


1. Time clock helps employees to show discipline

To demonstrate a disciplinary measure, the time clock is one key method of ensuring that employees keep scheduling. With the tracker, employees become accustomed to sticking to project time and focused during the company’s business hours. More importantly, the tracker helps team members to stay connected at all time.


2. It helps in planning projects and assignments effectively

The time tracker helps to define goals and structure the rules that guide the delivery of tasks towards a particular project. Tracking employees’ time helps increase productivity, by allocating the number of hours needed for each team member accurately. And this produces work efficiency.


3. It provides accurate estimation and forecast of future projects

By keeping time clock, employees have the advantage of accurately estimate and forecast future projects. The time tracker provides records of all the past events and projects, which then provides employees with the ability to foresee the possible outcome of potential projects. For any employee to accurately estimate project time and resources, it will raise the credibility of that employee amongst the management.


4. It provides clarity when comparing performances

This helps to track the performances of employees. In every project, it is necessary to know the number of hours spent, how the project was started, what happened in-between and how it ended. Keeping records of these activities will help employees to gauge the ability to perform better on the next projects. Moreover, the team leader gets to know the strengths and weaknesses of the project team, then make improvement where necessary.


5. It saves time and cost

Time clock reduces the cost and the time spent in manually calculating the working hours of employees. With time tracker, everything is automated and can be easily retrieved for references. Furthermore, it prevents human errors; prevents employees from cheating; and reduces the stress of monitoring employees’ working hours.


In summary

As more and more employees and employers are getting aware of the necessity and benefits of having a time tracker, the easier is the employee to employer collaboration. Time tracking is one of the essential keys to understanding the behavior of employees, how their times are being spent and their progress at work.
For this, getting a tracker makes work to be more transparent, improves the quality of productivity, get a personal and business insights, and provides a system of reflection. The benefits of using a time tracker are not attributed only to the employees, but also to the employers.

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